Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is been long since i left you...

Is been long since i last blog...i got down with flu and fever...busy with events and dont have the time to blog..but i will add new stuff to my blog after Chinese New to all those celebrating Chinese New Year..Kong Si Fa Chai..hehehehe

Friday, January 16, 2009

Looking for the witch doctor...

A first time trip to the modern witch doctor in Uitm

So today is my first time trip to the UiTM clinic after 2 semester being here already. I knew its existence and its FREE for UiTM students so take the opportunity since i was caught up with flu and small exploring time in the clinic..hehe..its like a typical normal clinic you can find outside.( For the information Shah Alam DOES NOT HAVE a hospital but a clinic??..weird right?)

The front view of the clinic...

So this how the scenery inside the clinic..i had told you it is like a typical clinic outside..Even has a fountain in lessen the pressure of seeing the witch doctor...thats why..hahaha

That was my number i took from the nurse and the current number on the right,   i have to wait for my turn

In the end i got 5 prescription from the doctor:
Cough syrup

So thats the end of my journey to the witch doctor in UiTM clinic..hahaha

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vote for me for the future..


So today was voting day..started at 8.30 but officially at 9am, Malaysian time of course. I went voting after my German class..typical scene of election..posters, manifestos, meet the student session, shake hand and convince voters to vote a few shots of scenes at the Masscom faculty during voting day.

Notice that those elected for the student body tries everything to woe voters to vote them..from the table at the cafe to the tanglung shape posters on the ceiling and the normal a long line of posters on doors and grills.

Typical signboard at a voting if we follow..we were like so loud talking outside the voting station and no proper line to line up

How students are eager to vote and how long the line was taht time just to click to vote..

 For Uitm, we went through a E-voting system...using computers to vote and so there is no such thing as "undi rosak" or "undi sabotaj" or spoil votes and sabotage votes. I wanted to do that actually but  i got a vote for a suitable candidate..His name is.......(undi itu adalah rahsia) votes are secret..hahaha

So the steps are easy..verify your student card at the registration counter and they will give you a password..go to the booth..key in your student ID and the password and on the supported candidate..for this semester 3 guys are eyeing for the student body girls...maybe the girls are not up to it?..but everything is given by Uitm..RM300 for campaign and other important matter for the election( except to belanja the committee)..haha

Notice that i mark an "X" on my supported candidate..hehehe...but name is"rahsia" the end of the voting, we were given "bribes"in terms of a packet drink and a bun..hahaha..thats what i call election. Sempat get the shot.Scared been detected by the police i took a phot on the voting screen..hahaha

Now we can a bit that this is 1st class university and 1st class voting system..hahaha..thats all that can be said on Uitm being 1st class university...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Walk-walk look for food..

JALAN-JALAN DI PASAR PETANG....a typical scenario in Malaysia..

So today i went to this so call "pasar malam" near my house at section 7, a 5 minutes walk to that was usually pack as many students and working adults hunting for food and drinks form one end to hunting...i think it was cheap..since majority of the population in section 7 are it was flooded with students..i went around 5 times before i went home since it was almost was 7.30 actually and the sun was just about to set..i went around and around a few times to hunt for food and also taking enjoy...


LEFT TO RIGHT: More food to see and to buy and to eat...i wish the pictures could go on and on..but i could not take a lot...just part of the best of the best..

More shops on the site selling all sorts of stuff..colourful scene..

So on the way back home, i saw this Volkswagon Beetle stranded by the bus looks EXACTLY like HERBIE..the stripe and number on the side DOES look like HERBIE..hahaha..the movie where Lindsay Lohan drove a Beetle to a drag race...hahaha

SO..what do i bought for myself at the pasar malam?

 2 pairs of SHIRT 2 for RM10 and my dinner for the night..CHICKEN WING AND KANGKONG..

Haha..thats my trip to the pasar malam for the day..hehehe

Monday, January 12, 2009

La SEpageTi De CowBOy StLyo....

But again..something good happen today(if you consider it a good thing) and my housemate tried something new i the "sepageti" @ pasta with a rice cooker. It was a cowboy style cooking, all because we had a fridge and one of us were hungry that i handle everything from start till the was fun seeing them trying their hands on cooking was so new to them but not for me since i got the basics of we did it trial and error..and the result..was BOMBASTIC!!!!hahaha....see the process on how pasta cowboy is done below.
1st step: Soak the pasta in the rice cooker until is soft and put it in a container.
Drain the water out.

Next, pour in the WHOLE bottle of Preggo into the rice cooker.
Add in tomato and chilli sauce, pepper, starch and water to boil.
Make sure the sauce is starchy and NOT soupy

The MAGIC pot that make all the above happen

Lastly..enjoy the pasta with your housmate..hehe..

At least it ends well today after a not so good Monday blues...