Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Is been a long time since i last blog...A LOT of ups and down...BIG decisions BIG plans..hoping for the best to come in already my second semester doing my master in UiTM..planning ahead for the coming least im not that bored as i would be doing part time with the faculty...earning a bit of cash and supporting myself right in Shah Alam.

I know this would be a bit of a boring entry but of course i would dedicate this post to my close geng lepak malam2 buta while we were doing our degree back in the old days of 2007-2010.  To be honest my classmates are 98% girls and so i have girl friends to hang out with. Got this picture last night and how i miss them and hanging out with them like the good old days..


Tomorrow would be going out with them after the long breaks and working and of course we do need a time out and getting all our gossips and stories to be shared :) this picture is beautiful :)

P/S: Friends :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heart heart feeling

Follow my heart says the Lord..that feeling is in  me since the day that you were here with me....dont worry, your heart is where I would be and you know what is best for yourself

God guide me...Amen

P/S: Step up be a real man

Saturday, September 3, 2011


One of the places the places i always have a place in my heart would be the kitchen. One of the kitchens that i always look forward serving and plying my trade would be the St Lucas Center in 10th Mile, Kota Pedawan. I would be doing the planning and task force especially whose doing what in the kitchen to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The kitchen is big to move and plenty of space to work with thus making cooking easier in the kitchen. As you can see with the two pictures above, the space and equipment works well for me. Yes, you may say its not fine dining kitchen and all that, but for a normal camp cooking style, it works well for me.

One of my signature dish especially those helping me in the kitchen...chicken skill and butt...with curry and frying powder...deep fried...

And one of the must have dishes around for camp, normal and simple...chicken curry

That is why i love serving and contributing my skills in the one else who love to do it tho...

P/S: Those were the days that i was 150% active with youth activities and the church