Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So went out yesterday to KLCC...kinda bored this unexpected holiday of mine..meeting up with a good friend of mine ^_^..hehehe...just meet and now are good friends ^_^ fun knowing her..thanks for the day out ^_^

Well one thing about KLCC i like is going window shopping and the best place would be KINOKUNIYA @ KINO....i could spent the whole day in Kino reading from one book to another...^_^ while waiting for her, i took the opportunity to read this novel by Cecelia Ahern @ Where rainbows her books so much after reading P/S I LOVE YOU..planning to get here collection soon..i was reading and reading and when i realised it i finished up the whole book at the bookstore while waiting for my friend..^_^..hehehehehe...

So went out makan and around was sales so i got this t-shirt from PDI..hehehe..sales right now and i do need to shop around for t-shirts..lacking of those..50% off..never thought of getting something from PDI as i would go for other options ^ _^ ...seriously trying to revamp my wardrobe... took the time to hang out at the park also...i like ^_^

So went home after a day out with my aunty..she works in PETRONAS..i drove back and i thank God Kuching's traffic jam is way better than KL..:)

P/S : ^_^.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walk walk look for food...

WEll for the past 2 days or so..been going out with my aunty and my cousins around..the best part about going out with them is that i could jalan jalan around and maybe hang out at cool places never been too..

One of the cool places to hang out for sure would be eating places :P..indulging and feeling myself up with food..there goes my tummy again for sure..hehehehe...i love to explore and try on new food...thats why my blog are full of food..:P

First place was Pappa Rich...guess Mum was poor..:P somewhere near im not sure...KL is so new and many to be explored..

Pappa Rich = Mamma Poor

A cool and relaxing place to chill around..

The serving portion was a lot...satisfying meal..

I shared my portion of my char kueh tiaw with my been a long time i did that :P

I had this the menu it was MILO DINOSAUR

From there we moved on to Nandos...:)

Love the setting of the place...

Chicken....this is going to kill my tummy for sure..

Night time..SEAFOOD!!! :P

Seriously, i took the whole fish for myself...:)

The next day..took something light and easy thats for sure..

Favourite all time cendol man and his cendol :)

Dont ask where did i got this kolo mee from :)..and is not a google up picture:P

Had fun eating those food but i prefer not to be involved to much..going to hurt my tummy..

P/s : Knocking on her door to make her smile...:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Unexpected holiday = Jalan jalan :)

WELL im back to my aunty's place in Cheras after an unexpected holiday by Uitm for H1N1 for me :) and tons of unfinished bisness @ assignments

Will be posting some post on my holidays after this...going to enjoy a bit of my holidays and my assignments for now..


P/s : need new pair of wearing baggy jeans...:(

Friday, July 24, 2009

Accidentally meeting HOLIDAY

Well surprise surprise is just the 3rd week of semester break and right now we are in the holiday mood. WHY?

It is because of H1N1 @ swine flu in the main campus of the best way is to give a one week holiday to students. Thats the good news..

The bad news?

For sure we are going to get double triple workload after the special break and we are going to rush everything in this short semester of ours. HOLIDAY right now for me..:)

Because of this....

We have a new fashion statement right now in Malaysia.

P/s: If it was a 1 month holiday, for sure i will be back in Kuching..:)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joggy Joggy.....

Well. back from class this evening. i was like thinking what should i do...looking at the fine weather..decided to put on my jogging shoes and outfit...and went jogging...being addicted to jogging nowdays..:)

Went to this park near my area...Tasik Shah Alam section 7...a big lake with a good jogging path..

So most of the time..i was jogging and observing the surroundings..the park was huge i managed half a round of jogging the other half walking...seriously im still not fit enough..hoping to be more fit in the future...:)

Seriously the park was huge...2 times bigger than a normal stadium..thats why could managed half a round..:P

So what i saw at the park...

Some are fishing..eventho there was a NO FISHING sign nearby..

Some are shooting..a movie...:) story...

As usual...PARK = JOGGING

Whats a park without a playground? :)

Some just sitting around and relaxing..

Some are selling..ICE CREAMS :)

That is one evening well spent at the park ..:)

P/s : Going for longer round around the park next time :P

Monday, July 20, 2009

New skin new look...

Is 5.00am in the morning..Monday morning..20 July 2009 and i am still awake...

Nothing to do so i changed my blog layout....

Now my eyes are getting heavy..

Need rest...



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Japanese girls to steak...

Well just came back from hanging out with my housmates and their friends...from one place to another..had fun thats for sure...this time LAW students..:)

Firstly our trip was to this Section 20 in Shah Alam if not mistaken to a Japanese dance festival @ 33rd Bonodori...organised by some Japanese my first time going to a Japanese festival so i was expecting some funny event or meeting Ultraman, Kamen Rider or even Doraemon..(it was a Japanese festival right? so those things are supposed to be there...Japanese = cartoons? :D)

SO it was a dance was fully packed with Japanese? or Malaysian? or Malaysian trying to be Japanese? or even Japanese trying to be Japanese? for sure people are dressing up as one and having those head bands around them in Japanese reminds me of the Kamikaze fighter in World War 2..hahaha:P

SO got a few shots from the by Adib :)

Seriously there are more Malaysian than Japanese out there..
Could see the difference..

Thats the stage where the main event is...

Now me and and Faisal, one of my friends were wondering..are those REAL JAPANESE girls OR MALAYSIAN GIRLS TRYING TO BE JAPANESE?

p/s : The one in green on right was cute XD..actually all dress in kimonos are CUTE:P

These are MALAYSIAN dancing to the beat dress up as JAPANESE..:)

Now are those JAPANESE? :)

Now we are MALAYSIANs for sure :)
From the left to right : Dang, Miera, Mumu and Faisal and thats Me :)

Now this is an audition shot who have the best moves for the Japanese dance festical volunteer next year.:P

p/s : Thats Adib..most right of the credited to him..Thanks Adib..and you can see me fooling around in this picture...:P

Next stop from the Japanese festival downtown KL to Bangsar Village..behind it or in front of it i am not sure...

To this place...

Dinner at this stall...yes...having steak for dinner...the whole bunch of us...:)

See the whole bunch of hungry lot..:) so not much of an expression..hehehe

See? i love the bigger mug..:)..thats the difference..normal and EXTRA normal..

Im sure one big happy kid with the big mug and with my chicken chop..:P

Thats how it looks like upclose and chicken chop and the big mug orange juice..

Mumu with his mushroom chicken pose(picture was a bit blurrr..) and Adib with lamb chop:)

Miera talking to the little lamb on the hotplate:P

Thats two different sizes of fresh orange for Dang...

It was a fun Saturday night with my housemates and their thats LAW students...:)..except for me...

P/s : Getting to know LAW better each day...:)