Saturday, October 29, 2011


A week more and my coming destination

P/S: First time ever and it completes my journey in all states in Malaysia

Monday, October 10, 2011

Westlife last Friday

The new 5th member of Westlife...
Last Friday, WESTLIFE LIVE in was awesome :) growing up and listening to them during my primary and secondary school years has been part of me. You can say that for a guy to support a boy band group is gay...but to me is the songs that i heard and that is where I learned my English vocabulary  and pronunciation. Trust me it works :)

Me and my tickets...

The line was long and it was a bit drizzling. I bet that those who came to the concert grew up at the same year or generation as I was..the year of the 90's. There was even parents and older adults coming to the concert..meaning WESTLIFE is still relevant and has its own attraction of all ages :)

That was before and during the concert of the stage where they were performing. It was total awesome and they look and sound EXACTLY the same even after 10 years since the first time I heard them in my primary school years.  Even better than those CDs i had at home :)

P/S: Thank you Westlife :)