Friday, February 27, 2009

What the hell....

What the helll..after i got my result result for my co-curiculum is still pending with the status of a YY..NOTHING is done after months of meeting and complaining to the co-curiculum office..all the hard work just dissapear...dissolve in thin air...promises after promises and could it be right? it so hard to change the bloody result? is it hard just to access the data and click and change the result?...what the helll...

And to add more salt to the wound, the office told me and my friends our result could noot be alter in the result slip? but only on our transcript....that means going back and forth to the bloody office again too change our result and meeting those people who seems not too care for our problem but they just put the blame on us...

Sorry to curse in todays posting but we just got fed up with the management in our university....especially the workers..HELLO...we are paying taxes for ur pay...without us paying you and your family would be eating grass and sand..

Just getting tired of everything.....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a remember

What a week to remember.....a busy week till i do not have the pleasure to blog...well everything has to be done not that i would love to delay my work(at times i would do that:P) but this was too after day..assignments and after the other..activities and programs....lets check out the magical "hectic week" list


this is compulsory for students in Uitm to come. They claim that this modul is important as we students lack of everything..i guess..

Radio broadcast talk & audition- 
Atok's the studio till evening..recording our talents through news, documentary and partner broadcast..

I am not happy with that lecturer..such poor attitude, not professional and prone to emotions...he thinks he knows everything..the test was a failure..he came out topics that are being told at the very last minute..and the one we suppose to read?..just a sip..

Com Research test-
test was just blocks the knowledge in you and pour it out with a pen and on a piece of paper..but manage it well i guess..

Flipbook and animation test-
WAS EASY...yet tricky....

Radio script-
TWO scripts within a week???...lack of resource....and we were not told of the REAL format..atok's class...was a headache with him..

Com research paper-
THIS is the annoying and redo and redo..all over again..she assumes we just redo and print and print..and forgots what she suppose to do...whats the use of the planner??

BEL presentation
This was the fun one..english classs:) meetings..


CTU presentation and essay
This one??..not even a scratch...the points are hard and the lecture seems..hmmm

Script writting presentation
This Wednesday..but halfway done..just a bit of touchup...

German test
Spelling of numbers and occupation....nnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn....


Family day
Seems everyone is not so keen on the plan..eventhough we paid for it..

It sounds fun....i guess

Broadcasting dinner..dont even know hows the plan...

This semester is the semester to waste..waste time and paper..CASH!!!..printing especially...the lecturers has this concept of "you do your assignment first..trial and error..then submit..we check and give give me the corected version ok?"..trial and error procedure..just a waste...hope those style will change..we pray for that change...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What i use to do before...

As i was sleeping in a not so hot and cold afternoon..halfway dreaming..i suddenly woke up by the sound of thunder that was loud..i was shaken and in my mind " GO AND PUSH THE CLOTHES HANGING OUTSIDE!!!" and when i just wanted to get up i realise i was at my rented house in Shah Alam...a shophouse to be exact and there is no clothing hanging outside to be push..hahaha...i laugh to myself...

Why i post this out is because back in my place in Kuching, we had this hanger thingy where we hang our clothings on it and we just push the hanger out for it has wheels under it at our garage under the sunny hot sun. So when the thunder strike, we quickly rush out and push the hanger thingy inside..what a good invention it was..

Thats why i laugh to myself thinking of it...there is nothing to push here at my rented house..for example the hanger thingy. We do not have enough space for that..Rain and thunder reminds me of the good old days i had back in Kuching..the small little things that make up my life..i remember we forgot to push the clothing in and what a scolding we had from our parents for the clothings are all wet soak in the pouring rain..

I guess many things change since i came to Shah Alam..changes that i had to make to adjust but i know small things that i experince back in Kuching i shall never forget.

Me, the thunder, the rain and the hanging clothing i miss my home:)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My new family member... last i could upload pictures to my blog..thank God for you all know..we had a new family member in the house as i blog that day..and it is a STOVE..hahaha..well at last..some decent proper cook more RICE COOKER declare open the stove..we cook our first meal...chicken with soya sauce and mix vegetable..hahaha..everyone pitch in and was fun as it was community work..the result..empty pots and pans and a full stomach....hahahaha..everyone was was..:)

(From left to right- the chicken cooking in the pot..oh yea thats my housmate frying nuggets and the other one was slicing and chopping vegetables..hahaha..)

Thats our new member of the house the STOVE:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just don't know why..

I dont know but a pass few days i could not upload pictures in my have to be contented to write only..what a...well i just wonder it could be the line?..the blog itself?..nevermind...i hope i could uplod pictures soon...

Well we got a new member in the house...a STOVE,,hahaha,,so it means we can cook PROPER more in the rice cooker or buying to often...for our first meal on the new stove..we cook chicken with soya sauce, mix veg and nuggets..what a feast we had the whole next plan is to cook something more bombastic after we get ourself proper the way at this time i am writing my blog, i am cooking chicken tauhu soup..hahaha

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Food that i miss back in Kuching

When i heard Gwen was eating kolo mee at 10th mile, (10th mile kolo mee one of the best kolo mee in town in Kuching) makes me remember the good cheap food in makes me just want to rush home and eat all those food..there is no place like, a lot and worth your money..just feel that if you come from Sarawak(i am from Kuching) all the food below are a must for Sarawakian..hahaha i guess......i love those so hard to get an exact copy of food in Shah Alam or lets just say in KL..hehehe

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a holiday.....

So i came back from holidays Chinese New Year holidays actually and there are many things that happen in that one week event..i dont get to blog often during holidays as i was in Cheras at my uncle's place. That place is just so anti proper line and always get i am now doing this blog back in Shah Alam..proper line..hehe..

So what did i do during holidays?

-I went visiting for CNY( just a house..hahaha:P)
-Went down to KL for fun and sightseeing( as if never been there)
-Hang out with cousins
-Went to Malacca

So i really did went to Malacca, my aunty's RCIA sponsor was a two days one night event..We went Satruday morning and just in time for the wedding..went around Malacca...beatiful place to go..SO many changes in a few shots of Malacca..mostly the pictures i took i am not in it because no one could took for

It was a fun and experincing experince going to Malacca on a short notice..hope to be back there again..