Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cubing with Faisal

I was walking around this mall near my place this evening when i heard an announcement that there will be a cubing rubix cube competition. So without wasting time i ring up my house mate who is also a fan and a cube player, Faisal.

He was the one that helped me on my talk show program last semester with his buddy, Yob on rubix cube and he and his buddy was kind enough to help in that program where it was something out of the extraordinary. It even captured the minds and attention of my fellow classmates, lecturer and even the working staff watching them do their speed cubing. Thanks to both of you :)

So i went over with him to the mall and it was a crowd. I was expecting few competitors around as rubix cube is something rare among our Malaysian countrymen. I was wrong indeed as all levels of society came and participate, from children as young as 8 9 10 years old to teenagers, even a mum came and compete in the competition.

He was thorn among the roses...:P minus the small boy at the far right end..

Second group in action..

And of course Faisal does his stuff, easing through the first round easily, beating 4 girls in that group. In the finals, he was up against this young boy, Imran winner of group B, it was sheer tense and exciting as both competitors were doing their stuff and in the end Faisal won the competition with the grand prize of a new CSL handphone . (CSL is a Malaysian brand)

Final round...Faisal vs Imran (if that was his name)

Winning it hands down

Prize giving

To him is not about winning the handphone, what is important is to be involved and be part of the excitement and aura of the competition. That's what a true cubix player is all about. :)

Our very own Malaysian made handphone...that was his prize for winning the competition..

P/S: Buy Malaysian product and congrats to Faisal :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Malaysian VS Foreign football = Media

That is my topic for my academic writing for this semester...something to do with media coverage on our local and foreign football league in local media television. Cant help but to blog a bit on my thesis. Searching info on the net about this.

To be honest i am a fan of the foreign football league, the English Premier League to be exact. I do love the Malaysian football league especially the current football team but YET...there is something missing in the Malaysian football scenario and i just could not help it but to support the foreign league.

It is clear that if i were to name some Malaysian current football players right now, i could think up of one or two names...Ahmad Rizal and G.Saravanan to name a few...IF that is correct..if it was Manchester United or Real Madrid..i could name the whole squad easily...Rooney, Berbatov, C.Ronaldo, Benzema...etc etc...the list goes on and on...

I guess the media plays an important part in showing the audience the right amount of coverage on both local and foreign football league especially highlights, news and matches. But to put the blame on media itself is not enough but also the mentality of our Malaysian supporters to love and be part of our very own Malaysian football team plus the attitude and mentality of our Malaysian football players. If they want people to support them, play at their very best and perform. Just because you won a match doesnt mean you won the league and the heart of their fans.

Maybe with this academic write-up, it could bring some light, ideas and even improvements to our very own local football league. But it helps me to understand both scenarios of the local and foreign league.causes, outcomes, opens my mind, heart and eyes towards this topic.

P/S: I do want the Malaysian football league to be one of the best..what say you?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Activites this week...

Changed my blog skin again....something close to heart and what i am doing right i went for a movie-theatre theme..:)

This week was a busy week...up and down with assignments and changes of timetable..searching hi and low for empty classes and appointments..

After all the hustle, Wednesday night was a day out with Yaya and her friend for a movie. Went to watch this Indonesian movie..Merantau Warrior..

It was an action pack movie...the overall movie was good, especially the cinematography, details are especially sharp with the director focusing on the all talents while defocusing the background of the scene. The whole cinema was full of GUYS...thats what i remembered...and Yaya was like

" Oh among a bunch of rowdy guys.."

Especially some hot scenes ( it was censored anyways :P)

Sorry Yaya...guys are matter what :P

Before me and Yaya went for was Johnny's been a long time i had steamboat..

We were doing facial while steamboating :P

Fried rice with belacan...we shared this :)

I cant even finished up my was satisfying :)

Friday was the day that i went to the Chancellory to met up my academic advisor for my academic writing / thesis with a friend of mine...he was the assistant vice chancellor working with the Department of Corporate Communications, Dr Ahamd Redzuan. It was my 1st time up here after 5 semester in UiTM. Overall meeting was fun and great with my topic focusing on the soccer and the coverage by the media :)..

And it was an eye opener going to such place :)

This semester i am into a new sport, was introduced by my housemate, Faisal and i believed is a fun and entertaining sport. Running up and down in a confine space, trying your best to aim and hit. It was fun and i could not wait for the next time for squash. And is my first time using the university's facilities after 5 semester in UiTM..thats a record..:) never knew and be bothered about those things...pathetic right?

Thats Faisal after a game of getting a hand on this game. Hope to improved and had fun this semester.

P/S: Is not that boring afterall for my weekends..:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Being a tell me

Not blaming ANYONE since we are now in the virtual world where technologies are so superb that you could do ANYTHING as you wish without anyone knowing who the heck are you... seem a welcoming sight to see someone telling me that he/she saw me in UiTM with my ugly face through my a good comment anyways..i know i am not blessed with such inheritance...good looks, good shape...etc...thank God for that..Amen :)

I wonder...if you are SOOO great and that good in the virtual world...telling people how ugly they are and all that...why not met me up in REALITY face to face, my UGLY face and tell me straight to the point?..oh guts to face me in the real world? scared till you piss your pants and shit in them? or you are just a plain old coward? :)

You may be high and mighty spamming and writing of people with negative traits...go ahead and say what you want..because God is watching all of us right now :)...i know my past mistakes...i was dumb...repent and seeking forgiveness for my past mistakes..but if you feel i am that bad...STRAIGHT TO MY FACE :)...because your just a piece of coward doing it behind my back...oh wait...maybe you will be doing more i will wait and we go will never stop i guess..

P/S: I know where you are from :)...what say you...God forgive your sins...:)
P/S/S: Met me up if you have the guts because you are born a COWARD since birth :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

One random weekend adventure...

One random weekend, i was on a random adventure with Liza and Jessie around KL...most of my adventures are in pictures :)

Went to Vivo in Time Square..had this baked cheese rice chicken (if i could remember)

For a fish spa (also in Time Square)...ticklish funny sensation

Went to Damansara Jaya (near KDU) for a pork ball soup mee...

Had this weird fried kueh tiaw in Sunway with the egg still raw in the middle...

Went to was the first time...and it was awesome...:)

Found this article while waiting for Liza and Jessie doing their hair at a saloon on how a healthy body is through sex? :P

Went to Bangsar Village @ Telawi Street

Train and ginger bread house decoration in Bangsar Village..

Wanted this phones for myself NEXT TIME in Mid Valley....

Went to Mid Valley for a chocolate fair

Saw boys in skirt :P

Had beef teppanyaki in KLCC...this past few day had been craving for teppanyaki...suddenly into Japanese.

P/S: Thanks to Liza and Jessie for the random weekend. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Teppanyaki, Pool and Tom Yam

Well is been a busy week...classes and assignments are piling up bit by bit...and so one evening after class went out with Aiman, Pija and Rosefarah for something Japanese.

Went to Mr Teppanyaki something at a nearby mall...

And so i went for cuttlefish with a glass of syrup...:) @ Japanese style...

In the evening went out with Pija and her friends for a game of pool at The Curve of my favourite place to hang out and play pool..Pija was a good player herself when she almost win her first game against me but luck was on my side :)

Pija and her moves...

I think it was more than 2 hours plus we were playing been a long time since last semester i had a pool session.

After that went for supper at a nearby was a tom yam shop so i took the opportunity to try tom of my favourite dish well known for being hot and spicy and sour taste...thats how i like my soup...the rest was mostly beef and chicken and there is even ox's tail soup on the menu...

A few dishes around...

I was bored so i made myself busy by making myself a reminder wall in front of my study table @ laptop table for references and notes just in case and also my timetable for lecture...a multi purpose wall for me to remind myself on my responsibilities :)

There's even Domino's Pizza coupons on my wall just in case if me and my house mates are interested..:)

P/S: Tomorrow would be a workshop for my academic the :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Death is NO joke..

I was reading a friend's blog about her mum's passing and was shocked to see someone posting rude, selfish, inconsiderate, childish, stupid post about the death and was making fun about it. I am not surprise by that action because is kinda predictable and to me is just plain dumb. Making fun about death and laughing about it?

I had seen and went through those time of death and sadness. Seeing my own family members, my grandpa and my uncle death in a span of one year. Those time of sadness my family and my aunty especially went through. with her four children who are still young and small. Is that funny? even her youngest daughter was innocent not knowing her dad has gone to a better place? is that funny and something to laugh and celebrate about?

Death is not something you laugh or joke around or even celebrating happily. Death is no experience that any human want in this world. Sadness and pain, losing someone you love, loneliness, all those you want it? now you laugh saying her happiness is cut short by her mum's passing and yours is still long and not the time yet. Imagine if the Lord decided to take EVERYONE away in your family and your love one away with one touch anytime He wants?  are you going to celebrate and laugh about it? joke about it ? i dont think so....

And so please stop all those childish and stupid comments and make death a laughing and joking matter because you will never know when the Lord wants to take away your is her would be you and MAYBE it will be much more worst than may laugh now but be prepared because God heard those who cried to Him...

P/S: Death is no joke or fun to play with....seriously...

Prayers and my condolence to you and your family Pris 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year = New blog skin

So this is my new blog skin FOR NOW...maybe i would change the skin not sure...the template seems to be not align especially the tabs on the left side of the blog..but then again is just a minor thingy...

Anyways i was bored this afternoon so i did some art project (if thats what you want to call it) of all kinds of pictures and memories each of the pictures i had selected. I wish i could put many more pictures of all those people that had touched my life for the past years until now....thank
you to all of you :)

The picture is a bit small was huge for my wallpaper in my laptop :)

P/S: Thank you :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Shah Alam...

The new semester are approaching will be my final semester in uni this semester.....then again......mix reaction to it....happy? sad? excited? not sure about myself...:)

Just at home after going for groceries and other items for myself and the new semester.....spring cleaning the whole house yesterday so was free for today...maybe a few touch up and arranging later once everyone has settled down...

Not much to blog for this past few days as the adventure is just around the corner so i will be blogging more on my uni life and activities again as usual :)

I was missing a bit of my hometown especially the went to Noodle station to grab some food @ noodles....there is no place like Kuching for noodles @ "kolo mee"....:).....Noodle Station was a substitute for those cravings...:)

Special with dumplings and crab meat..

Noodle Station....

"Teh Tarik Peng" @ Ice tea...

P/S: Class starting tomorrow evening...6-10pm....sigh...