Saturday, May 30, 2009

All Joy...

Most of my time now is going out with friends and EAT EAT  EAT...hahaha

Yesterday Gab brought me to Saberkas and told me 

"Lets eat at All Joy"

So we went in....

The truth about All Joy, it has been around since i dont know when long time ago...and the BEST PART..all the workers from the cleaner to the cashier to the cook are all WOMEN @ has been that way since before....we were puzzled as why they only took GIRLS as their worker..but the same to me..

So Gab ordered belacan bihun special and for me a normal belacan fried rice..

Nowadays dont really have the appetite too eat.....but with the rate im going sure to gained back what i lost..hahaha

ALL JOY...:)

Going into All Joy...towards the counter

For display only....

GIRLS as everything in this shop..NO MALE allowed..haha

My fried belacan rice

Belacan bihun special

Friday, May 29, 2009


For the past few days i was craving for sweet stuff..especially ICE CREAM..with the weather hot and dry, ICE CREAM was my best friend...hehe

SO yesterday when i was waiting for my brother from work, i went around THE SPRING and i saw ICE CREAM..hahahaha

I sure miss the ICE CREAM here..hehehe....*memories*..hehehe..Sugarbun ICE CREAM:D


Now waiting to go back to KL for my ICE CREAM hangout with friends*wink wink

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lunch time...:D

I just love lunch time!!!!!hahahaha

Dont know why but i just love it soo much.....

I dont mind not eating for breakfast jumping to lunch straightway..hahahaha

i dont mind at all..

Makes me more healthy i guess..:D


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I was chatting in Facebook chat when someone buzz me and started chatting with me..

Suddenly he came to the topic of HOPE???..suddenly out of the blues..

This is what he told me..part of it i remembered:

Dont HOPE so much when you had seen the signs and you know there is no slim chance of getting it back.  When you knew the answer already dont stay around, clinging and begging again, get up and move on. No point hurting youself and giving yourself too much hope. When it is not siding you. Is better to leave now before is too late, hurting yourself know you had no chance at be it..

I know it hurts badly and deep down you feel that is pointless for everything that is happening around you..just move on..things happen for a reason...maybe God has other plans for you..better option in life....when you knew it already, just be cool and relax and move on...the truth hurts...

Whats the point right? so dont HOPE and move on...

When i ask him is he ok?

He answer me...

Just fail his exam and could not get the lecturer to give him extras..hehehe

Does everything make sense?:D

Last nite....

I was online last nite after back from my friends house...i realised something weird last night...

Ther road was empty, it was foggy and the neighbourhood was quiet...the dogs aint barking as was crickets night..hehe...kinda scary at the thought of was never like this before...i feel it was not my neighbourhood..haha

It was total silence and it was really dark....i thought i saw something..maybe....

Kinda scary taking this shots in the middle of the road, middle of the night..hahaha..for fun..

As usual at night i was online while all time favourite..:) Maggi asam..the salted egg was bonus..hahaha..busy chatting with friends and just reading blogs...thats what i usually do now...

Maggi been a long time since i had those...:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eat and drink...

Well most of my time right now...during holidays...i just go out and hang out with my good buddy, Gabriel, he is kinda free to go out with me..hahaha.

So we went out to check on his computer stuff..we went to this makan shop at this shopping be honest...going out in Kuching means eat and eat and nice food around been a hobby hunting for the best food around in Kuching...when i return back to KL, bye bye Kuching food for a semester till the next holiday break..hahaha..

So we sat down and ordered this simple yet delicious meal( it was around 4pm)...tea break?hahaha..

Thats Gabriel:D..interested party?hahaha

Thick milo drink...something like chocolate drink BUT is MILO

Ok..curry chicken with rice..i used to have this meal almost EVERYDAY when i was in KL..hahaha..Mamak the best..:D

Guess what drink is this?
Is green tea???

All time favourite..kolo mee..SIMPLY THE BEST!!!:D
p/s: Not that delicious at this particular shop..hehehe

Thats how my spend my day today....:D

Monday, May 25, 2009

Living life less ordinary...

Now morning is the most good time for me...going online..doing my blog, facebooking, surfing the net....trying to distract myself and make myself occupied..

Night time is the worst when everything starts to grow dark around you....everything starts to come back...hehehe...but i guess live and die by it..

Now im just living life less ordinary...getting disorientated and not keeping up to routines as usual...
Guess it was bad after all....holidays....hahahaha

But i am happy....who knows how happy i am?..hehehe

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Get away weekend..

Well is been two days i could not surf the net as i was in my dads hometown...two days...totally no excess of internet line...was glad to be be online..

Not much things to do actually...Dads hometown a small an old cowboy town...haha..
went marketing and shopping..with family....thats all..

Spend time with my cousin and friends as well in the evening...

Shots i took  during those weekends...

Part of my dads hometown...we call it the pekan

Along the pathway of the shops...thats my youngest bro carrying my cousin..

The wet market...not so wet as this is the vegetables area...

Of course hang out with my cousin, Karen and my good buddy Gabriel...hahaha
thanks to you guys...:)

Overall it was an ok ok weekend for me...wish it was back to normal for me..:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Night Craving....

Now is 11.10 pm.....

I was online as usual....i was chatting with my friend when she mentioned about ice creams and donuts..from McD and Big my mind immediately the sweet smooth nice yummy donuts and ice blended from she makes me craved for know who you are...*wink wink...wait till i get back we go out for those treats..hahaha

Is been a long time since i was into those things...maybe should head out and experience it again..hahaha...hang out with make me craved for it..hahaha..night time where to look for it??..

Guess pictures would do for now...hahaha

McD ice creams, Big Apple donuts, ice blended tea from Starbucks..hahaha



Now i am stuck at home...i do need a holiday...hahaha..

There is a lot of places i would love to go....seriously holiday is killing me..tearing me apart...hahaha..need to run away...haha

Saw my friends blog for her for semester break  Miss Addy in 

It came to my head...i seriously need a holiday..hahaha

Places that i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go... i wish......i am there right now...



So what should i do?....we wait and see..hehe...

P/S : Maybe rot to death at home..hahaha

Good morning sunshine....

Well woke up today feeling more better perhaps?..hahaha..after my adventure last night...hope no one suspects was dangerous, stupid and not worth anything but i guess i just want to do it..hahaha...i just dont know why....maybe i could not swallow the fact that it is happening...hahahaha...*wink wink*

Oh well...i know already whats going on and i could the calendar right now beside me...10 more days till June..hahaha...i remembered what i had done...worth the trouble? worth everything i had in mind?...i guess i be just plain dead thats all...i just need time..and stop doing something crazy such as like this..hehehe...whatever i do will never change the fact i guess....guess the more you try the more you are pushing people away....seriously i was nervous last night...hahaha...the thought of being caught..hahaha...guess im too good to be caught..who knows my luck?..

Okay...maybe some of you are thinking right now what i am babbling, adventure? nervous? last nite?..hahahaha...thats a little secret that only i know..hehehe:P

P/S: morning sunshine..can see you peek brightly through my window..:P


Is funny people are insecure for no reason..why insecure when you know everything is going to be okay? Everything is going according to your plan and way...:D you know the answer and yet like that....:)

Hehehe....dont feel that way..relax and enjoy life...guess i had heard enough of people who are right now falling in LOVE...hehehehe...wish could play over and over again those moment...EXACTLY like MINE(i guess) when i started to fall in like you wish to be in that time again...and to fall EXACTLY the same way again and again...

Dont worry what is yours is had it..hands down i say..nothing much i can do also...REALITY to me is my worst enemy..haha

Guess that when you heard enough, you know your time is up..hehehehe....means you have to look forward and just hope along the way a MIRACLE happen..:D i wish..hehehe..

For now i am happy for what we are right now...:).....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am in love.... i am in love...with who?


I just got attracted to crazy into it...i will try and post as many as i could....this is nuts...and i love to follow other blogs i found through friends and friends..hahahaha..i dont know but i am so crazy into blogging...hahaha..maybe not hardcore..but everyday is a new post for much to blog...:D

Guess is a good hobby..blogging for fun....i hope it stays because i will never get bored of so fun doing your blog...people viewing it..posting coment...and who knows? getting to know many new friends through the net...especially blogging..:D



Well lastnite i hang around with my friend, Gabriel..went out eating at our usual usual he ordered his RM6 rice..hahaha..i just sit down and watch him eat...feel full see him eat...

(Gab and his RM6 supper)

Nowadays i feel i changed or i could say transformed myself into something new i perhaps.. a few changes i could see myself are:

(Before was my enemy now my friend)

~i now turned my atttention to green fresh in my head how i used to anti this drink but now i feel so sayang...i should had tried it not bad as it seems

(This was part of me..but now?..hahaha)

~i now usually goes around WITHOUT my glasses..i used to like go around with glasses but now is dusty in one corner of my room..hahahaha...i feel much more lighter...hahaha....

Guess that this changes came in just too late perhaps?...too late to change anything...hahaha..but i guess thats what we need in life...changes or transformation...i could not just stand and stick to the past..i must embrace the future..hahaha..but can i?..that is the question...hahaha

Good morning Kuching..your gloomy today...hehehe

P/s..Left 11 more days in May to June...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Counting crows....

Im started something new..i am now officially counting days!!!!..hahahaha.......

For what? wait and updated by find out..hehe...

*there are 12 more days in May...hehehehe*

A hot day..and i am smiling....

Today is a brand new day..should not spoil or ruin it...must be happy...

And today i was..hehehe...i dont mind anymore what had happened behind me..i need to look forward...

I had so much fun and is so good to be with......hehehe....i know is hard to move on...who does right? but i  really had being with.....:).....eventho what happened...i guess i should look at the positive side:) so nice now...happy is happy....i am glad happy as well...

I know things would never be the same again...i cannot denied that..but i guess we should look forward..make the past a great teacher of humility and experience...learned and live by it....

Well is coming to the end of May..a month plus left before i head back to uni...:)....i wish to enjoy more with......i had great fun...before everything ends.......

Deep down....there is still love and care for..........THAT would NEVER be erased from me:)

Word for today


That is better than this.....

Well...DONT COMPARE because you will always know your second best no matter how good you are.....

I am happy when the other is happy..thats good enough for me..guess thats how it should be..the best for everyone..:)...

Is me now...i should move on and the sun is shinning..guess is going to be a good day after all....:D....maybe not for me but for someone who is in more deep trouble and sadness..

Guess is bye bye...i wish i was a small kid...hehehe...i am right now...that feeling of being pampered and care of...i love it..hehehe....i guess everyone has that small kid feeling inside.:)

Now i wish everyone the best in what they do..they deserved it, they really do...and i pray for that...AND ME?

Pack up and move a kid...enjoy...:D is not the end anyway...i got 2 months of holiday and im using it to the fullest...after that time will take me away...

A word i remembered using



AT LAST!!!...i will let go..i had enough already..hehehe.i will move on slowly but surely....i know the pain and memories will still last in me..


LIFE has to go on with or without that....

WHATS  the point being sad and unhappy? make yourself painful if they care...they had hahaha..letting go makes me more relaxed...i know is hard but then....if there is no hope then dont hope at all...hehe...i heard, read and seen enough...i had her final say...



Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Why is my heart unsettled and not beating according to rhythm?...

Something wrong with me?

Help me..i dont know whats happening to me...


Quote of the day....

Given to me by my new found friend...that was thoughtful of him eventho i just knew him...

"When come to choosing a path, no one is left unhurt. Just like what Dwight Eisenhower said, in War, no one is unwounded."

Thank you so much:)...

Meeting someone new....

After what happen past few days of sadness and loneliness....i finally think is time to move on...hahahaha

Oh well ..i got what i wanted..explanation and answers..everything i need to move we are now good friends...i like it that way...easier...dont make enemies....forgive....:)..i am so a saint..hahaha

Well....i found someone....hahahaha...this person is giving me the most positive vibe and encouragement...younger than me yet able to speak and express ideas and support on how we should see life in a more BIGGER picture..hehehe...

Here are some quotes,  wrote to the friend.....sorry i stole it but this is what make me open minded..hehehe

 It hurts, but you have to remember, your life is all for you, and its all about you. You make it story. You want it good you make it good. Your the only narrator there is in your life. Want to flush it, make the handle. No matter what its made off, your still the one making the handle, and flushing it away. The only problem is the matter of time. But time flies as fun as you can say time. So, just move on man. Oh c'mon man, your 26 this year, and I'm 20, your embarrassing yourself. Get that butt of yours up, this is ...... talking. Get out there, make your life the best you've ever had. No one, no woman, no man, can EVER take your life away from you but yourself.....but death is something else hahahahaha comical moment

Well...hehehehe...thank you to that know who you are IF you are reading my blog....God bless taking my steps now....hehehehe

Happiness i can see you now

Being happy is important right now for me....
Sad is sad..
but look at the bright side i guess

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

Morning has broken....

I woke up this very morning....REALLY early.....cold and this feeling lingering inside me...pondering what had happened for the past few weeks of my life in Kuching during my semester break..

I dont expect life to take turn like this for me.....UNEXPECTEDLY....but thinking of it...i am going back for the next semester...MAYBE is a cure for me? NOBODY knows but THE ONE...

I guess i have to try and move on...THATS THE HARD PART....i guess EVERYONE goes through that....but is so hard.....really hard...when your feeling is still there, the love and care you seems like yesterday i was in "lub".......

Ok....just keep  moving can do it.....:)..i hope.....

That is me......:)

Monday, May 18, 2009

In the end

IN THE END...everything goes well according to plan..

Im now in between sad and happy...depress and at the same time feeling much more relieved...mix reaction right now

At least now i know what people want and we should respect it...i kinda feel guilty tho i promise no more sad posting and YET? still post..oh well....the LAST ONE...promised..hehehe

I am sad because things had to end this way..who is not sad right? i guess i promised myself whatever the decision is, i respect it and take it with an open heart mind and soul..and try to be strong with it...BUT i kinda know the i am prepared....:)

I am happy because NO ONE shall suffer from this anymore...the pain, the sadness, good to be honest.. a great lesson learned from i try and pick up myself and look forward ..


No more dates, Valentines day? annivasaries(thats how i spell it) hanging out...hold things like normal couples do..oh well...most important is that is settle....


............WILL IT?....