Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I AM BACK!!!! .at last after a good time in KL, i am back right in the comfort of my own home..familiar surrounding, no need to worry about getting lost in my own need of paying tolls need to read signboards while driving...this is KUCHING...hehehe...been here for 19 years :P known it from the back of my head.

Of course this semester around i took my time going back..took a ride from home to airport...the always favourite airline, Air Asia - Everyone can fly. And is my first time going back on an afternoon flight. All this time is the first flight out back to Kuching = 7:10am flight..:P

Goodbye KL...for the time being...i be back :)

ME flight...:)

It was crowded at the airport. My flight was delayed for half an hour...

Taking off from LCCT

Over the South China Sea @ Over The Seas

This was entering Sarawak @ Kuching

Hello Kuching...:)

It was raining when we landed..around 4pm

As usual i will be the last to leave the aircraft for no absolute been a habit

Now i am in Kuching with my family and was fun seeing familiar faces around...cant wait for any excitement and fun being in Kuching....:)

P/S: No matter what the past or the things that happened in Kuching has to go on
After all Kuching is still my matter place like home..:)

P/S/S: Home sweet home Adrian :)

Friday, November 20, 2009


Yesterday went out with my classmate, Miss Aidilia for a day out...was boring at home so we planned for a bowling day was supposed to be with a few more friends but at last minute notice is just the two of us...:P

So we went to MidValley, meet up and have lunch and after that bowling time, RM10 + RM2 for shoes = 3 whole game..worth the money...had fun bowling eventhough we were not at our best...the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy..:) * i had fun yesterday :) *

After the game, went around window shopping as usual, it was year end sales plus Christmas sales @ Christmas is around the corner :P.cant wait for that.carols and decorations...:)

She likes dumpling soup....kinda noticed about it a few outing with her..
P/S : Yaya, if your reading this, true right? you always order dumpling soup :P..hehehe

Char kueh tiaw @ Penang style

Part of the bowling was a crowd yesterday..

I love this bowling shoe of so retro :P

Guess practise makes perfect but it was for fun and entertainment :)

Aidilia waiting for the pins to fall...

After that, saw this two pair of shoes....gotta to have them it was on SALES!!!

2 second joke @just for laugh :P

P/S : Thank you yaya for the day out yesterday..i had fun..kills my boredom anyways *huggies* :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A day goes by....

Holiday is sure a boredom for me. Since young i was not into LONG holidays...i rather have 1 or 2 days of holidays...:)

So for today decided to go out to KL...went to Time Square...sat in Borders @ the bookstore started looking around for books to read and i was planning to get a few new novels..i had been reading my two only novels for a few times already (Cecelia Ahern novels...okay i know is chick litt or something but it was a gift from a friend :) ) Got a few good novels around so just sat at one corner reading and reading and reading...

I ended up reading a bunch of recipe books @ would try some of the dishes once im back in my hometown :)

After tired of reading decided to check out Low Yatt, a place for computers and laptops and handphone hunter) I was attracted to this small notebook @ my laptop has given me problems anyways but still have a soft spot for my old has been a great companion for two years :)

Top left to down right bottom : A few of those notebook that caught my attention but colour wise...hmmmm

P/S : The pink notebook was a good one...but..PINK? hmmm

BUT one got my attention

HP notebook

AND ITS BLACK :) I a HP fan...

P/S: Now praying for money to fall down from the sky...keep dreaming Adrian....

Got this funny fan for my laptop ..there is where the fan is going to cool down this part of my laptop...weird place to put a fan dow...

At night i became the transporter @ sending my cousin for music class or get to drive around...coincidently there was a night market @ "pasar malam" as we locals call it nearby my cousins music centre...took the opportunity to poke my head around among the crowds looking at the unusual among the usual i supposed....

Sorry for the blur pictures..:)

A typical night market has many things to offer...

From foot wear...

To vegetables...

More vegetables...

Fresh fish....

And more vegetables...

Even clothing..

and also DVDs and CDS....dont
and many more...

This shop was selling junks such as digital cameras and handphones from the stone age era from RM 10 to was a pieces of junk yet many people were buying ..... not worth buying was a crowd puller this stall

After that, went off to this Chinese hawker area (cousins were hungry)

This was supposed to be wantan mee...but it looks like...nevermind.....:)

Thats how a day goes by in my life during the holidays....:)

P/S: Other days would be normal and not so much happenings..:)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finals over = karaoke

Just came back having fun of my life with my classmates after our final paper of was a worth while going through exam..and now we reward ourself with a small treat by going karaoke..:)

Of course it was after our paper, we went for this singing session of ours and boy...we had so much fun..singing our hearts out, shouting, screaming like crazy people...ignoring the waiter that came in and served us...we were like out of our mind...dancing to the beat...guess stress and pressure for the last few days really makes us go this way :P...just singing as much as we could....

One way of ushering our new semester and waving goodbye to our current semester....

A few pictures from our singing session the whole afternoon...

Went to Green Box @ Karaoke centre.

Front view of the was full of people around noon...mostly by students..

Before entering the

Left to right : Meran, Aiman, Pija and Yaya

Me and them...

View of the place inside the room

Lights ready...action started..

Hani and her solo performance..starters..

There is also group performance...trying to warm up..

Things getting started as you can see Wan and Hana standing up already (behind)...

We are not drunk but we just wan to have fun...:)

I dont know what am i doing@ i was not drunk at ALL...

Seriously.....we are not drunk..:P

Our drinks are purely SOFT DRINKS and JUICE...guess we were just being ourself..having fun and to enjoy as much as possible..:)

P/S: Goodbye semester 4.....hello semester 5...:)