Monday, February 28, 2011

Mind Your Language

I used to watch this typical British sitcom a.k.a Mind Your Language when i was in primary school but during those time i did not understand most of the series as most of it was in the British accent and it was rated PG-18 if i was not was shown in NTV7 or TV1 during those times....and now i am watching it all over again..understanding each of the episode :)

It is all about different foreign students coming for English lesson under an English teacher known as Mr Brown. He tries his best to teach English especially when they are not well verse in English but of course it was not easy task for one man alone. English was being turn upside down by his students every episode and making English language even funnier with crude jokes, miss communication and misunderstood the whole language itself.

Guess thats how important English all about giving our best and not to be afraid to try to speak and be literate in English. Do not worry for those who mock you for being too "English" trying to speak English when you would forget about your mother tongue. Is all about being knowledgeable and able to grasp the language itself for the future. We can see how we Malaysian are lack of language studies especially English where most of the time is the spoken and written language in Malaysia. ( that is base on my personal experience and opinion)

And so lets give English a chance to live with us and especially for the younger generation

P/S: Mind your language please all of us

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Updates: Pros and Cons

Is been a while since my last post..CNY holidays was okay...spend my time reading and doing my assignments during the holiday break.....trying to adjust to my new life as a student again on another been an exciting and one good experience doing my master at this point of life...

So much has been debated whether it is a wise choice to continue my studies directly after my degree...basically the point are divided into pros and cons :


I am still by the time i get my master ( with God's blessing and guide) i be 24/25...imagine i pursue my PhD ? i be a DR by the age of 30..*blink blink*

Still fresh from my degree is not much of a education gap compared to those who had left their campus life 20 25 years to compete and absorb information easily? (some say)

Doing it full time meaning i could focus my studies easily...maybe :P (1 1/2 years to go)


I am a fresh grad with no experience.. most of the students are working adults with not advisable to pursue directly....(some say)

If i were to graduate with a master in basic salary is a normal salary base as i had no working my master is just by name? not sure about that...

Is hard to get a job? if you are doing your master full time? most companies are not keen ( base on experience)

Level of education is way way different than my degree level...approach is different... all about individual preferences..what you think is best for you and your me...doing it now is a slight advantage as i would not want to pursue my studies later when i am working in the future..focus one by one....don't be too greedy :)....

P/S: My books just for the first semester..have a nice day everyone :)