Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Life

From books, assignments and exams to work, work and focus in life for now. They told me to pursue further but now is the time to look in a bigger picture, not just being a student alone but more of a working adult.

P/S: Now is all about short blogging..hoping to get the spur I need to write often even though I am busy...

Thursday, October 11, 2012


As time goes by...blogging for me becomes a side thing, more priorities to focus on my new work right now eventhough it is just a contract based...

Looking forward to my convocation in November...second round for my masters :)

P/S: Third time going up the stage to receive my scroll for PhD? :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Going further

Latest posting after so long I left my blog unattended. I am done with my masters...the problem is now looking for a job..not being picky or choosy just that is never easy getting called for an interview...looking for one too is never easy...was thinking of pursuing further in PhD...easier to study than work..then again when would I start collecting property and cash?

P/S: Hello I willing for that? 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

MasterChef 2012

Last Saturday i took a huge step by going for the last audition of MasterChef Malaysia season 2 in Taylor's Lakeside college in PJ. Thanks to Mahiran Wahid who took her time to text me about it. I was not prepared for the audition as I do not have any idea what to bring for the audition.

In front of the poster..always wanted to give it a shot...

Fill up my registration form...

It was held in Taylor's..beautiful campus...

I came early but there would always be people coming in earlier than me...

My number....the crew was telling me KL/Selangor audition are always the hardest audition and if you managed to survived the first two rounds, you are good and if you can make it to top 40 from the audition, you are surely  somebody a force to be reckon with.

First would be the presentation of your dish for the jury...meat roll salad platter....just bringing in my best shot.

Next would be the personality test if you had eased through the first round

And I got  it after two rounds of audition :)

The next day @ third round would be the cooking challenge within an hour to prepare your very same dish you brought the day snap before entering the kitchen...

I love the kitchen...Taylor's kitchen was awesome....would love to have something like this in my future home  :)

One hour was the limit and it was a challenging one...i thought it was easy as seen on TV...managed to complete mine in 50 minutes?

This was taken from the MasterChef FB page...presentation time in front of Chef Papa Joe and Chef ticket to top 40.....

Anyways...through food I found new friends...:) future MasterChefs.....all the best to all of us....

P/S: I am happy i had made it to this stage...out of 360 contestant in KL/Selangor..made it to top 60...lift everything up to the 40 or not I am happy i went for it :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its Gawai and the final push

Last posting unknown...looks like i had been neglecting my blog for a very long time....and so this would be my latest posting before Gawai. Selamat Hari Gawai to those celebrating do enjoy the holiday please do not drink too much if you are driving and you do not have a co-driver who does not drink at all with you while you are going visiting.

And this would be my final push for my master...thesis halfway for correction and hoping to submit next Monday :) praying and lifting my thesis to God and doing this for my parents, making them proud of me :)

P/S: Praying I would be still blogging after this even though I am busy..God bless :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I always wanted to go beyond Miri...last year i went all the way from K.L to Kota Kinabalu..this year around I was in Miri with my best buddy, Desmond who was excited to bring me to Limbang. If you were to see the map, basically Limbang and Lawas is INSIDE Brunei and there were claims of Brunei claiming that Limbang should be part of Brunei. My two cents? maybe? not sure...but Limbang is unique for those who had been there..if you were to travel by road, passport are needed for crossing and the first thing that came to my mind that time...going OVERSEAS..

(Taken from

The last time i accidentally went over the toll, i had to pay a heavy price for crossing (literally) as you can see from the picture below.


 This time around , i saw a notice telling toll users to pay their toll in CASH and no more in COINS...probably  i did a great job by making "problems" within the two countries.

 Brunei Dollar...there is this toll in Brunei that you need to cross...basically RM1 is around $2.40 Brunei dollar

 Part of the border crossing...i was curious when i saw signboards with BSB..i thought it was for BackStreet Boys and when i realized it was for Bandar Seri Bagawan...

 What i like about this signboard...Welcome to Malaysia @ Limbang....overseas...

 When for mass on Sunday and the best of all it was in me a mixture of Bidayuh Bau, Padawan, Serian, Iban and a bit of Tagalog..LOL......

Thats Desmond and the girlfriend ON HIS LEFT @ Klaudia

 Me and Him

 From Limbang....hopefully we could make a trip to Sabah by road....*crossing fingers*

P/S: New Semester just last semester *praying hard i could make it*

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have this fear of heights seriously...funny thing is that i do not have the fear for flying..lucky me as most of my trips back home are over the sea and the only mode of transportation back home would be the flying machine with two wings, either a red or blue/green colored machine...

Im trying to beat off my fear of heights like that day when i went to ICT in Shah Alam..going on the Ferris Wheel... not a good idea tho...but took the step riding up the huge wheel...and it was not a pleasing ride for me..maybe next time....

Taken from the purse of Emma, she dared me to put her picture up in my blog...picture taken primary 6..LOLOLOLOL....but her face does not changed one bit..hahaha..."budak-budak baru nak kenal dunia"....

P/S: Is February...10 more days to go

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last Christmas

I celebrated Christmas in Seremban this year as i did not book a flight home. So i went around Seremban and the wet market for Christmas eve marketing. The best part of the market are shown below

YES, Crystal clear written on the board...wild boar meat for sale OPENLY in Seremban wet market..if this was to be in Sarawak....hello Forestry and Wildlife Control department...

It was selling cheap.. imagine 1KG of this wild boar meat = RM 8..cheaper than the domesticated pork meat or the pink pigs sold in the market that would cost you around RM 15-17 per kilo..if it is in Sarawak RM25-RM27 per kilo....wild boar is found abundantly in most of the palm oil plantation and it survived by eating palm oil seeds. The problem with this wild boar meat sold here in the peninsular, it is not as fat and juicy like its relatives in the Borneo island. So a few ways of cooking it..basically dry curry or "masak lemak" (not sure how but cook with coconut milk? ) that was my first time trying on wild boar curry...

For Christmas nothing special from the kitchen...i did 4 dishes plus other dishes done by the rest of the people in the house...

First i did was meat roll?I am not sure what to name the dish tho...

Steam talapia....

Fried chicken butt @ Bishops Nose

Deep Fried it? 

Deep Fried mushrooms

P/S: Thats how i spent my Christmas