Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Is been a while since i last posted my last would be something random and i had been through it for the last 24 years..

Currently in Miri for holidays...why Miri? is a long story...and i love it here....i found peace and love in Miri.

To be honest, i dont really like to celebrate my own birthday...and yet i dont mind celebrating people's birthday and be part of the party. To me personally, my birthday is just another ordinary day in my life. I do not mind having no birthday cake or presents, call me weird but im fine with it.Would not want to trouble people around me, making fuss and all that for me and my birthday. There is one time i told my mum that there is no need to have a birthday cake as im not a kid anymore, besides i have something else in life that marks my important day special.  What is important is that God has given me abundant blessings in my everyday life making it possible for me to be at this age. Nor forgetting what God had done for me especially in my studies, family and friends. That is the best gift of all.

Just putting on random thoughts. Have a blessed day everyone

P/S: Is just another ordinary day in life and im cool with it :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The quiet hero

My dad is a man that does not speak much and hes quiet in doing things as a daddy and a husband. He is the type that you could see in a typical everyday man in life. He is the hardworking type and earns for the family and speaks only when is needed and when he all about respect and wondering how a quiet man like him speaks out the very best for others to listen and be fascinated by him...hes like this storyteller that has thousands of unknown stories even to be known by mum who is his soul mate @ his partner in crime of their everyday life.....

Regardless of how and who my dad is, hes always be the best dad for me...he may not be some big shot in life, he may not be some rich dude driving around big cars and lives in a big house...he is a man of principal and honor and takes his responsibilities as a dad to the fullest and pride..nothing more i can ask from my dad...hes just wonderful and great for me in my everyday life especially in my studies right now

To my dad, Happy Father's day...

Taken during my convocation, my dad does not smile in most of his picture..but on my graduation, he gave his BEST smile for the camera....thanks dad :)

P/S: And you know i can't smile without you