Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last night i was out for dinner with the rest of the production crew...we went to William's....i thought it was something fancy and expansive, with air-conditioning and well maintained facility @ McD and my surprise is just some NORMAL stall by the roadside....could be by the drain?? im not sure...

But THE BEST part is when we had seated down and i look up the board to read the menu....


The price are beyond your wildest imagination for food....RM20-RM25 for could be simple meals, out of the ordinary..

The price justified the whole concept of the shop..LARGE LARGE...i took this...

Soursop juice...(and it tasted REALLY BAD...)

The meals are served and im not sure of the name...

This is " TRIPLE H"..dont ask why cos im not sure myself....

Basically the dishes are served in LARGE plates and LARGE portion..a plate could be shared for 3-4 people at one time...

What i know is that the shop is owned by a Chinese...their workers are from Thailand and majority of their customers are Malays...

P/S: 1 Asia

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Different perspective

For two days i had seen and went through a different perspective of life....there are no words to describe the reality of life hidden among the concrete walls and tall skyscrapers of the fast pace of modern society.....even these pictures are part of what i felt and seen....

Sadness & loneliness....individuals & family..being left out in the cold all alone...


I guess it was the right thing for me to be in a different perspective of life.....

P/S: Be thankful for what i had....this pictures are example..i bet reality is harder....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Similar or not? been a long time i updated my @ interns right now just cut my time off with excitement...and adventure..yes..i know adventure in a new environment of work....but for now i would not want to blog about that...not now...wait when the right time comes...

Each time im on the Federal Highway going and coming back from Kuala Lumpur, Batu Tiga has always been a place that remind me of the Batu Tiga in Kuching @ my hometown....

Look!!! Taman Batu Tiga...
Where?Where? (excitedly)
Owhh....i miss Kuching :)

Firstly.....BATU TIGA in KL has a train station @ KTM....Batu Tiga in Kuching had a train station before ( British colonial )..we have Jalan Kereta Api :)

KL has the station, train and tracks...Kuching has the road and the place to chill

The one in KL has fewer eatery places..( based on my observation in the morning that time).Batu Tiga Kuching..well known for Siang-Siang corner and Jolly Bee ? ( not sure of the spelling)..plenty of food and drinks for the one in Kuching....

No kolo mee could be compared all around the world except Kuching :)

I was in KLCC when i spotted this unique dog bowl in one of the shops...what would you expect? a dog bowl? would not cost you much..based on this could be around RM50? maybe RM100?

Guess what i found under the dog bowl....



Yup....the price for that simple plastic dog bowl :)

(The picture was not clear enough so do a bit of "editing" to highlight THE REAL price...the name of the store has been censored just in case :) )

Imagine what would this little kitten felt about the dog bowl ?

P/S : I just dont get it why i posted two different stories? just for the fun of it :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


My idea on my work so far...

P/S : Weekends i now wait for you

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog blog

Is one boring Sunday afternoon and i am at
home trying to finish up my work on the storyboard plus scripts before this re-editing work came along my house mates in Shah Alam putting me up for this small Q&A sessions...Fyzal and Afiq


(The post was supposed to be in Bahasa Malaysia so i am doing mine in English)

What is the name of your blog and why that name?

AD~venture with AD....why that name? AD stands for me @ ADrian..and i love to go on for adventures..EVERYWHERE ANYTIME...anything interesting goes with i love to share my adventures with others...hence AD~venture with AD...with me me me....:) so my blog is about me and my adventures..

I got the name AD when i was in National Service...they had a hard time pronouncing my full name so AD was short and simple....

What is the URL of your blog and where the idea came from ? just want my blog to reflect on me..something close to heart and something i could see myself it is...:)

I wanted to put ( my full name ) but it was taken so i took the shorter version....adclarke..:) so me :)

Ever wanting to delete your blog? reasons?

NOPE :) no reason to delete...a place for me to share and met new people in life..

Whats the point having something fun and exciting to keep myself occupied and delete it off?? weird

Family members reading my blog? mum :)...not sure about the rest of my family and relatives

How do you feel when someone told you your blog is ugly when others told you is beautiful?

Thank you for your comments...define ugly and beautiful for blogs? :)

My first blog posting

19/03/2008 entitled My first time....

My first post....

Method of writing

Anything....about what i went through...adventures i go....places i see and came back with experiences...a i came i saw and i blog kind of method....sometimes it could be close to heart @ personal..but it depends on the situation..

First person to know about your blog?

Me? a few friends who had blogs...:)...

How do you feel when people talk about your blog?

Happy and happy and happy with a smiling just a normal blog..nothing great about it...:) but is one way of meeting new people up and they would talk about what you blog about...:)

Ten next person to tag?

Err....wait ha......ten too many...a few can?

P/S : Done with this quiz back to my drawing board and thinking cap to draw and write....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Two days.....

Dedicated to Mahiran Wahid and Fatin Zach ( internship friends)

Two takes only two days to have this huge impression on what i am going through right now for my practical interns with both of my friends i mentioned above...let the pictures do the talking shall we?

Is supposed to be our internship right now...EVERYONE is looking for a place high and low..EVERYWHERE including me, mahiran and fatin :)

We expect something colourful and meaningful....

We know we are supposed to be like the picture us....

Guess they were expecting MORE ?

A BIT or TOO MUCH ? err.........

Is not supposed to be like this.....from my understanding.....( Fatin we are here to support you :) is not fair on you.... )

Maybe..........we just DON'T WANT to picture the end result....

Now we have second thoughts.....

P/S: I guess we have one supervisor, one big boss and two * ehem* bosses ~ Mahiran Wahid

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Letter A

Fast forward....going to start my internship TODAY !!!!! after being postpone and shifted from one place to will be updating on my new exciting workplace soon....:)

And so my housemate of mine decided to tag me here in this little game @ Kyle Fahkrurazzi used the first letter of blog's name to answer all question....anyways is in Bahasa Malaysia...bear with me :)

Syarat 1. Mesti menggunakan huruf pertama dalam blog anda

Keajaiban huruf A
Syarat 2. Jawapan tidak boleh berulang!
Maksudnye guna jawapan yg sama or setiap jawapan tak bleh ade perkataan yg sama?

1. Nama anda
Adrian Clarke

2. Perkataan 4 huruf

3. Nama budak lelaki

4. Nama budak perempuan

5. Pekerjaan
Air Steward.

6. Warna
Apple Green.....

7. Sesuatu yang anda pakai
Errr..A ? amulet boleh

8. Makanan
Ayam masak merah, Ayam masak kicap, Ayam panggang...semua makanan berasaskan Ayam

9. Sesuatu yang boleh dijumpai di tandas
Air Refreshener ?

10. Tempat
Africa World Cup 2010

11. Alasan bile terlewat
Ayah bangun lambat sebab tengok World Cup pagi tadi....frust German kalah...

12. Sesuatu yang anda jeritkan
AHHH......B*&%#y H^&%

13. Nama filem
A-Team, A Walk to Remember,

14. Minuman
Air....minuman juga...

15. Kumpulan music

16. Haiwan
Ayam :P

17. Nama jalan
Airpot Road, Kuching

18. Jenis kereta

Acura, Alfa Romeo, AMG, Aston Martin,Audi...nice car names ni...import semua

P/S: The power of letter A...and i dont know who to tag :)

Friday, July 2, 2010


Well is been 18 wonderful years of my life ( 18 plus 5 actually) ..thank God for everything...:) family, friends and all those around been a nice journey of life with the ups and downs..

Not much to blog about this days...will be starting my internship this Monday with my classmate, Mahiran ( at last we got a place and we are starting it)...few minor problems...looking for a new place to rent and from now on NEVER NEVER to look down at the old place i used to rent before as a student. BE THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL....

Thank you for all the birthday wishes from all my family and friends....but this particular wish maybe i was not expecting from but im okay with it :) is nice to have the unexpected to come ( the good ones of course)...just guessing that it may be YOU..but then again it could be from someone else....but my bets and keeping my fingers cross..its YOU..nobody nobody but YOU

To whom it may concern regarding my little rant above..THANK YOU...things might and might not be same anymore...but THANK YOU...

P/S: Somehow i knew it was YOU....