Thursday, March 8, 2012


I always wanted to go beyond Miri...last year i went all the way from K.L to Kota Kinabalu..this year around I was in Miri with my best buddy, Desmond who was excited to bring me to Limbang. If you were to see the map, basically Limbang and Lawas is INSIDE Brunei and there were claims of Brunei claiming that Limbang should be part of Brunei. My two cents? maybe? not sure...but Limbang is unique for those who had been there..if you were to travel by road, passport are needed for crossing and the first thing that came to my mind that time...going OVERSEAS..

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The last time i accidentally went over the toll, i had to pay a heavy price for crossing (literally) as you can see from the picture below.


 This time around , i saw a notice telling toll users to pay their toll in CASH and no more in COINS...probably  i did a great job by making "problems" within the two countries.

 Brunei Dollar...there is this toll in Brunei that you need to cross...basically RM1 is around $2.40 Brunei dollar

 Part of the border crossing...i was curious when i saw signboards with BSB..i thought it was for BackStreet Boys and when i realized it was for Bandar Seri Bagawan...

 What i like about this signboard...Welcome to Malaysia @ Limbang....overseas...

 When for mass on Sunday and the best of all it was in me a mixture of Bidayuh Bau, Padawan, Serian, Iban and a bit of Tagalog..LOL......

Thats Desmond and the girlfriend ON HIS LEFT @ Klaudia

 Me and Him

 From Limbang....hopefully we could make a trip to Sabah by road....*crossing fingers*

P/S: New Semester just last semester *praying hard i could make it*