Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First time

Came back for the 10th Sarawak General first time voting in a democratic first time in 3 years i was back for the study week before my exam, first time in 3 years i will be celebrating the Holy Week at home since i was in KL the whole time for Holy Week....this should be fun :)

Updates? not much....just love being in the comfort of my own house with familiar surroundings and places i had missed going to..going out for good dates with her especially ice cream dates ( thats her favorite ) and of course been reading my notes for exam and last minute final touches on my assignment before sending it over before the finals.

A few more weeks to go before I end my first semester, next month would be my convocation :) cant wait for it..totally excited and looking forward to it..

Missing friends in Kuching and in KL..:) you know you you are...disco skating date, reunion and pre-convo gathering with classmates and "makan besar" with good friends :)

P/S: Blessed Holy Week to all those celebrating :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

So what? :)

To be honest, for the past few weeks, life has been awesome especially with work, presentation and my social life. Life has been good to me and i could not wait to end my first semester as a Masters student..graduation for my Degree is just around the corner....waiting for it impatiently..:)

Lately, meeting up new people or friends in life is awesome. New friends in life means adding new colors and adventure and stories of a lifetime that definitely you would tell to your grandchildren in years to come. People start to speculate and gossip about you if you are too closed with someone out of the blues. Whats wrong in making new friends with others outside your social group? Especially if it was from the opposite gender? Can two opposite gender be good best friends and not more than that. i believe so.

(Google image)

I have nothing to hide especially in making new friends. Two important things i always put in mind when i make new friends HONESTY and SINCERITY and you will not cross the line for you know your limits..:) if i were to like her, i should had gone for her long time ago why now? why wait when theres opportunity in front of you? for i know i can see them as a good friend to laugh and share stories around.

So what is the problem here? there is no problem at all...people need to have a better view and clearer mind and head to see the whole situation in a bigger not speculate for it leads to nowhere..

P/S: When you come from different walks of life it should be an interesting friendship...