Monday, September 28, 2009

Hujan @ Rain

Dark and gloomy plus rainy ahead....that is how it should be? i doubt about it....
The hidden truth.....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wonder and wonder....

The holidays are almost near....assignments are pilling up like Mount Everest...and yet i long for long holidays...i just to be in the relax mode....just relax and relax and relax........

The holidays are also making me ponder and many things in my head right now....i just don't know what is wrong with me...think to much and this is what you get...headache..there is so much things as what i would love to say playing inside of part of me saying that i am this and the other says that i am that...battle of differences...opinions...ideas.....principals...etc etc...

I wish the holiday would be longer and i would be enjoying...really wishing the holidays are near...THAT is AFTER my final exams...that would be in a few weeks i prepared for that? i asked myself a few times.....i want to enjoy and have fun...ALL THE TIME :)

Wishing things are back to normal...and i pray nothing bad would happen....*cross my finger*.......

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Is so bored during the holidays..just dont know what to do..assignments are always hunting me but i just keep ignoring them..i really need a day so bored right

P/S: Holidays....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

50/50 and Raya

Just feeling the excitement of holidays around the corner eventhough i am not celebrating it..hehehe:P

Maybe is a good time for me to relax annd contemplate of my life....being alone with myself...recovering my inner self before the holiday ends..just searching for something that i want and would love to the state of unsure and anxiety....just dont know what is inside of me...hahahaha...drama drama la me..hahaha
Before i go all emotional and all poetry in this post:

To all my classmates and friends....i wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..minta maaf and the ampun if i had done wrong against all of you at times when there was a slip of the tounge talking to all of you...i seek forgiveness..:)

After Raya, i claim my duit raya and my raya goodies...cakes..biscuits...etc etc..hahahahaha..

Enjoy your Raya holidays :) God bless.....

P/S : mintak mak kuih sepotong...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Right now i am confused...REALLY CONFUSED...

I just dont know what is playing inside of me....
p/s: help.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Berbuka the puasa....

Well for weeks our lecturer has been been SOOO kind to belanja us @ me and my whole classmate buka puasa meal after her class. Is been 3 weeks every time in her class she would just send someone up to our class with our meals, catering as what we usually say around here..:)

And when she does sponsor the whole class, it is usually a feast, A REAL budget to eat as well..hihihih :P...with different menu on the list for 3 weeks, she knew us well with what we would love to eat.

Chicken the goreng @ Fry chicken plus air melon @ watermelon @ tembikai dahh.....

Chinese fried rice @ Nasi goreng cina
Is being fried not by the Chinese but by our Malay cafe operator :)


Nice isnt it? :P

BUT...that is just two weeks ago menu..due to two holidays that falls on Monday...


Nasi tomato i guess @ tomato rice with ayam masak merah..IT WAS SPICY :P and a bit of curry vegetable "kuah"..not sure how to call it anyway...kuah kuah :P

A different view of the food

The joy of breaking fast with classmates :)

P/s : A big thank you to our production lecturer, Puan Norhayati Baba for the 3 weeks meal...nak duit raya :P

Friday, September 11, 2009

P.E.A.C.E not W.A.R

Today's headline was this in our local newspaper...

Man A = " Saya ada bom hidrogen " @ " I got a hidrogen bomb"

Man B = " Saya ada bom nuklear " @ " I got a nuclear bomb "

Next thing we know is WORLD WAR we should stop it...before is too late...everything could be settled nicely and good before anyone should lose their heads off and start launching bombs and grenades and bullets to each just dont seem right what is happening right now...everything could be solved on the table...properly and no temper flair going around....we all pray for the best of everyone that we could succeed in whatever we are doing right war please...peace...

P/S : I pray we would work together for world peace..maybe on a smaller scale...a small community of 20's?

*I know you know......*

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Is been a long time i had been posting a new post i guess..been kinda busy up and down...moving from one place to that period of time been to new places of interest also especially eating places :)

One of the eating places i had been to and i guess is my favourite place is Steven's Corner inPandan Indah..lets just say fall in in love at the first sight to this shop. :P.. thanks to her :P Is a mamak stall by the way and serves typical mamak food. One of my favourite dish is the burung puyuh goreng @ fried quail.. It was superb!! :D. I ordered nasi goreng pattaya with fried quail and she ordered maggi goreng with egg and of course for deserts was roti tisu.:)

This is the 1st time a roti tisu was made into perfection.

Nasi goreng pattaya with sambal belacan by the side

Maggi goreng telur mata :P

My favourite..burung puyuh goreng @ fried quail

I was looking around the shop as well and i realised the shop has no grill or doors but it was bare naked @ means is open 24 hours non gates or interesting concept by the owner to attract customers. The target customers surprisingly was Chinese and true enough the shop was flooded with Chinese and also other races..1 Malaysia shop :)

Part of the shop

Picture was blur but if you could see those red writings in the an electronic menu scoreboard..hi tech mamak shop..

This is just part of my story..the rest will come in stages..:)

P/S : Thanks to her im fall in love with...this shop :P

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Over....thank you..

Well this morning was my turn to produce a talkshow program with my group was FUN, EXCITING AND was running smoothly eventhough i was calling shots at the the wrong time and was struggkling with the camerea shots and timing of the program was over was first time experience for me to handle a 5 minutes segment.

Basically would love to thank my beloved, funny lecturer Puan Norhayati Baba for helping us up with the production. She ROCKS!!! :D..with her funny attitude...her class was fun and exciting..and also a big thanks to the abang-abang studio @ technician for helping us up in the process of production...they were so helpful and even taught me how to do CG!!! now the CG man..:D

Next my two kind talent @ housemate and his friend..Faisal and Firdaus for helping me out in my was on rubix cube and it was so kind of them to demonstrate and talk on this special topic of theirs..the lecturer and the technician was scratching their heads and wondering how on earth you guys solved the unscrambled cubes in such a short guys sure know how to rock the set with your cubes :D..thank you so was so nice of Faisal to skip class for a while just to come and help me up with Firdaus all the way from Universiti Teknologi Petronas or UTP to help me up.

And also to my group members..Wan, Hana, Pija, Meran and Aiman who had helped so much in the production set..thank you so was fun anf great working with you guys and enjoyed the time we had shouting and directing our programmes..:D

Next on would be our entertainment program..wish us all luck:D

P.S: MTV @ Muzik-Muzik

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy bee...

Is been a while since i did my is the high time for me to get busy and active as the semester kicks on with assignments and production, presentation after presentation..

For now would be in the studio for a talk show program..i will be directing a segment of segment with the help of my classmates and also my two kind talent, my housemate and his friend :) been fun being in the studio for now..cameras, lighting, audio, set, props...etc if you are really in the industry.

I had the opportunity to be in the CG area..i love that job for the job by putting in the names of host and panels as you can see on our tv's @ nameplates under was fun and exciting doing that especially in the technical areas of production.

Well, is going to be my turn tomorrow to direct and call the shots.. hope everything goes well, smooth, easy and entertaining :)

P.S : Going for a movie would help :P