Monday, August 30, 2010

The B&W contest

I am trying out for this contest introduced by my house-mate, a fellow blogger @ Fyzal on this online contest for blogs, the Black and White contest. the contest is easy enough to participate:

-Submit and post a picture of YOURSELF and it has to be in BLACK & WHITE ( post it in your blog posting )
-Put the following banner on the right side of your sidebar and be the follower of this blogger @ Syam (example in my sidebar)
-Dont forget to put the link of your post in the comment area for viewing in Syam 's blog  (click link to follow)

Easy isnt it? I was looking for a good picture for the contest and i decided to try out with this picture...NO laughing or anything...:) just wana try my luck..who knows? early duit raya for me to go around with :)

And so the picture i pin my hope for the contest:

Rock Star wannabe...

And  tag at least one person to spread the news of this contest and so i had chosen Annyss :)

P/S: Picture taken during my trip with my classmates :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

The K-Team

Today im at home for it is holiday today...was browsing around old pictures when some of the pictures reminded me of the good old days when i was still young at heart mind and body * still young until now * , when i used to be active in church activities and camps...would go for days for camps in most of the parts of Kuching and the outskirts...

YCS Mid Year Camp 2004 ( Gawai mode at the longhouse )

I was in charged of that camp and i was assigned to the kitchen ministry.Those days were the time i was enjoying my life serving camps and church activities especially with the youth programs..IN THE KITCHEN..most of programs i will be there with my team @ the kitchen ministry who are mostly my close circle of friends from school. We will be in charge from planning, budgeting, buying, and cooking for participants and the very age of 17-18 we were handed down big responsibilities and i was in charged...God help me through those time..

What makes the kitchen team a memorable good one for me is that it the group members * including myself * are students..secondary school students without any experiences handling the kitchen at a large scale especially for programs. What we know is that God put us all together...different people different unique abilities to form the kitchen group..from chopping to cutting..


One of my pictures in action cooking..antique old picture of my former self in 2004

Besides cooking, dancing is our second name @ ngajat without professional help and skills..:P

My experience with the team ~ PRICELESS ..the ups and downs of the team, drama, tension..from un-cook rice to burning rice, weird recipes, new recipes,cooking for 250 plus participants, marketing and bargaining,  working and hanging out at the kitchen from the early hours to dawn till late at night right down to the activities we did in the kitchen..i would always put it close to my heart 

IYCS-SEA session meet 2005 committees

This is one of my best peaks of life serving the kitchen team as i was co-in charged serving international south east Asian delegates coming over for a session right back in Kuching for two weeks. I work with one of the best teams ever and we made surprises towards the group coming over.serving delegates 6 meals a day while trying to figured out what to be served for meals, observing strict diets and demands of delegates what and what should not be served, getting up early as 5 am to start the kitchen rumbling and going to sleep around 3 am after a whole day event...with the team

The K-Team *individuals in the pictures above*

Broderick ~ Sitting down, 1st from the left
Me ~Sitting down, 2nd from left
Desmond Aaron ~ Sitting down, 1st from right
Josephine ~ 1st row, 2nd from left
Harilyn ~ 1st row, 4th from left
Gabriel ~ 1st row 5th from left
Ritia ~ 1st row 2nd from right
Not in picture~ Desmond Chang 

Thank you to all of i miss those good days of ours...

P/S: The K-Team..we were the best cos we were among the best ourselves..:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fasting with a purpose

Is now the month of Ramadhan and the month to fast..and im fasting too *beaming* is been 15 days of Ramadhan and thank God is been a good wonderful fasting month for me. Not missing a day fasting...* i may not be a Muslim but i respect this holy month exactly like the month of Lent *

Reason for fasting? just wana give it a try ...a new enriching experience for me this month and also one way to appreciate things that we have around us. I feel great by fasting * not hoping that would slim me down* but as part of respect to my friends who are Muslims in majority around me now observing the holy month of puasa....saves money too :)

Ramadhan also reminded me of reconciliation... reminiscence of my past :) could i ever forget those things...every inch of happiness and sadness... no matter how hard you try to forget day it will come back just to remind you a bit of the past...but that does not stop us from moving forward to the future...using the past as examples of life.

I am happy with what i had so and friends around me..Thank God for those gifts..thank you for the past and the present...and hoping for the best in the future...

P/S: Still in the office trying to preview tapes...part of my internship training....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1 West Malaysia..

Is been a while...and im currently moving around almost the whole of west malaysia...busy with my internship @ travelling....

So will be updating soon AFTER im back from my trip...just came back from Thailand...:)

P/S : how i miss Shah Alam...:)