Friday, August 28, 2009


Is been 7 days since Ramadhan started. Had fun and enjoyed breaking fast with friends and housemate..laughing our heads out. the spirit of Ramadhan. Life is good for me right now..just moving on...with people aorund me..i know i just moved on..:)

Last week or two weeks ago, went to Fly.Fm for a group interview. It was in the evening so we got a chance to be on set for Rush Hour with Jules and Prem :)..Had the interviewed done with Miss Kavitha (hope is the right spelling for her name). After the interview went on to the set of Fly.Fm... saw Jules and Prem doing their stuff especially beat box-ing out...(knew their little secret to that:P)

Love the part where they did their recording and editing especially Jules..hands of a conductress and a skillful pianist clicking her way into editing before it goes on air while Prem who is bubbly and alive entertained us with questions and answers and tips on Fly.FM. It was helpful as we saw them live and really doing their Rush Hour Program. :)

Hana, Hani and Me :)..this was the front lobby..

This was in the Wan and Hani..:)

Somewhere near the radio station or room

That's FLY.FM in the middle :)

We went in during the live broadcast of Rush Hour with Jules and Prem (is not so live for it was pre recorded anyways )..hehehe

Prem with his laptop

Jules with the editing

Prem posing for a pose for us..

Group photo with Jules and Prem..i like :P

Group photo with Prem and Miss Kavitha

Before that managed to have a group photo with Hunny Madu :)

Well thats my adventure and interview to Fly.Fm. Now most of the time listening to Fly.Fm in the car while driving..:P

P/s : Malaysia's Hottest Music..:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Break the fast..

This month is the start of the holy month of Ramadhan..means fasting and prayers, terawih and self control....bazaar Ramdhan to shopping spree of food, clothing, cakes etc all my Muslim friends:

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan and make sure "puasa" full :)

Yesterday we had our class as usual but with a little twist where our lecturer treat us for a "buka puasa " buffet in nice of her :) thanks to Puan Norhayati Baba, our production lecturer class..:)

The meal itself was superb with 4 main dishes plus fruits...simply delicious BUT the best part of Ramadhan is where we could break fast together as a whole class, as one big group of friends @ family..beautiful isnt it?

What our little buffet has to offer :)

Top to bottom : Sweet sour fish and kailan (IF NOT MISTAKEN) with ikan masin

Those who are allergic to fish would take fried chicken vice versa plus "telur dadar"

Teh O @ Sirap limau

Hungry kids lining up for was 7.28 anyways..:)

thats all for now..Happy Ramadhan :)

p/s: Nak duit raya :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


Well basically i love to eat...thats for sure...i could just try on anything and everything....a bit phobia in getting myself bigger and healthier in a not so healthy way....

Well now im studying in KL, mamak stall is something TOO common till they could be seen EVERYWHERE at one area...for example like my area where im renting right now...5 mamak stalls if not mistaken...the power of mamak stalls...

Some people could get addicted to mamak's cooking like some i knew..hehehe..mee goreng mamak right?

Dont really go for western but once a while for a change...try Pizza Milano :)

This one when i was in Subang...worth the price...hehe and size...*wink wink* while waiting for a friend of mine doing her errand...

Dont ask whats this..what i know it was maggi asam laksa with salted egg and sardin :P

p/s : i feel hungry...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Went out again this time on a mission.....was craving a little of Chinese food been kinda long since i had taken Chinese food, so i went to Subang..*wink wink* a day out for lunch and some errand to do.
So we drove all the way to Subang in the afternoon after my language class and next thing we know we are at Subang...a place called Taipan? ( hope is the right spelling)...somewhere near USJ 6 or 8 im not sure..what i know was i am in Subang.

So went for lunch at this Chinese stall...and of course going for the mix rice..of EVERYTHING.....

When i mean EVERYTHING...*wink wink*

After that satisfying lunch, we had desserts..Is been a long time i had been practising eating desserts after a meal...went for egg tarts, siew bao and this soft spongy cake...Chinese pastries...*yum yum*

The siew bao was delicious...*:)

The egg tart was yummy :)

The cake was tempting...

Overall had a good lunch date and adventure driving around Subang running some errands around..:)

P/s: I would love to go to Subang again..*wink wink*

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day out....:)

Went out for a day. From one end to another end of KL...from police station to shopping mall and shopping mall...from shopping of clothing to spending time at the arcade racing and sweating....eating in Damansara at a Chinese restaurant to driving back home was a fun fill activity...had fun and laughter and just love the idea of hanging out together...:)

Some may say there is something going on between us..but we just follow the flow of is easy..dont make it hard...we enjoyed the company of each other thats for sure...:)..after all...keeping options wide isnt it? :)..kidding..:P

Afterall life is about exploring and discovering new things and why wait and relax when out there the world is just waiting to be explored? :)

Cantoneese mee..reminds me of Kuching's very own mee..with a little bit of chinese wine..somewhere in Damansara..

*I had fun thats for sure :)*

P/S Thank you for a wonderful day out with you...:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Beautiful past weeks

Been kinda busy lately with assginments and assignments..getting pile up since few weeks the same time i enjoyed it as well. Why? i just smile and laugh to myself each of the memories that i went through for the past few weeks.

It was beautiful and a memorable one for me..going out having fun and laughter...sharing stories and secrets...just being within each other company would be the best feeling ever. Meeting up was the best part but goin home was the saddest..but we look forward everyday..because there is always tomorrow for all those memories to be repeated again...and again....and again...

For now just be happy and smile..and surround yourself with positive thoughts and people around works...and im just happy everything is goin smoothly to the Lord's plan

P/S: Would love to change course from masscom to something technical :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mathematics...i like ^_^

Here is a simple equation to describe what i felt for the past few weeks....^_^ you do the maths...*wink wink




Is easy as 1 2 3 4.....^_^

P/S To my mum is nothing ok..hehehehe..just something funny to post and by the way i miss all of you in Kuching..mum dad and my two brothers and.......^_^

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bitter Heart...^_^

I fall in love with this song..been hearing it everyday without fail...since the day i found out about the singer...ZEE AVI..a MALAYSIAN singer but her singing..PROFESSIONAL and sekali pandang we will never knew she would be MALAYSIAN for sure...HIDUP MALAYSIA ^_^

Apart from KANTOI from ZEE AVI..this is my favourite..BITTER HEART...this morning alone i was listening to it for i dont know how many times..catchy tune and is just so relaxing to hear to this song... makes me smile the whole time^_^...i could just hum the tune all in my head ALL the time.....


Sun rays come down as seen when they hit the ground,
Children spinning around till they fall down down down.
I wait for you: it's been two hours now,
You're still somewhere in town,
Your dinners getting cold.
I rest my case you are always this late,
And you know how much I hate waiting around 'round 'round,
Bitter heart, bitter heart tries to keep it all inside,
Bitter heart, bitter heart shadows will help you try to hide,
Bitter heart, my bitter heart is gettin' just a little fragile,
Bitter heart, bitter heart of mine.
And then you come and tell me the same reason as you did yesterday,
So tell me whats her name.
Doo doo da dum, doo doo da dum, doo doo doo doo doo doo da da dum dum, da da da da dum, da da da da dum, da da da da dum.
Bitter heart, bitter heart tries to keep it all inside
Bitter heart, bitter heart shadows will help you try to hide,
Bitter heart, my bitter heart is just getting a little fragile,
Bitter heart, bitter heart of mine, of mine, of mine, of mine, of mine, of mine.

Courtesy of YouTube ^_^

P/s : Doo Doo Da Dum.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

"LAF" ^_^

Yesterday back to Shah Alam after my one week H1N1 holidays..enjoying my holidays tho...eventho with my tons of assignment ^_^...after packing all my stuff went out with my good friend..^_^.

Waited for my good friend for a few minutes and what a surprise i got when my good friend came and gave me pressies^_^...and guess what i got?

Two in one novel by Cecelia Ahern..hahaha...but her stories are amazing especially after i got her P/S I LOVE U novel

Friendship bracelet ^_^..hehe..1st August was Friendship day?...hehe

Ok..i know that the novel is something girly and it was under this section in the bookstore..chick lit or something like that..who cares? The writer is a two thumbs up writer..^_^

Never knew that my good friend would give me those presents for i did not expect anything in return of our friendship. It caught me off guard for that whole time yesterday ^_^ was a sweet and beautiful gift..and i appriciate it so much. I feel what i gave my good friend that day could not be compared to this..

Never knew how God work His wonders in meeting my new friend of mine especially this one. Is not because of the gifts or anything but the sincerity and that beautiful friendship that i just found. It adds more colour to my life right now. And thank God for sending this good friend of mine down right now..hehehe...cheezy but really it was one of Gods best send gift..

To my good friend..thank you so much for the gift and everything...and the friendship especially..thank you ^_^

P/S: Seeing isn't always believing,
sometimes u need just a lil bit of magic to make your life alive 4 ever........

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Miss Victoria and En Low Yatt in Japthai

Well just came back from my day out with my cuzzie and his parents @ my uncle and aunty..

First stop in the morning went to my cuzzie school..Victoria Institution..Glamour school for sure..known the school from my friends who are band members of my was an anugerah something cuzzie was a top scorer in PMR last they are giving out certs to them plus cash..i was not so interested at the first part of the programme..i went around exploring the famous school..^_^..

VI is something like St Joseph back in Kuching...thats for sure...old colonial building...huge compound went around taking shots of those places..who knows when again i will be back to that school ^_^

Part of VI..keep thinking of Victoria's Arm in Kuching..ahaks^_^

The front part of VI..

Has this history proven seal that VI is an old protected the government..history purposes..^_^

Everything is VI...hidup VI!!!^_^

The main hall where all the buzz is happening..

My cuzzie receiving his cert..congrats!!^_^

Belongs to my cousin..he got the award i got to hold his folder..^_^

I was exploring the classroom around VI when i found this article below...

The influence of cartoons..or animation..whatever you may call it...

Thats me ^_^..i had been to VI

So went to Low aunty bought her mini notebook..i found myself a new earphone for my handphone..seriously needing one as my handphone is my best friend right now..^_^

So went for lunch at this place...Japanese + Thai = Shikiya ^_^

I love to see the colourful menu and the setting of the shop..hehehe ^_^

Later will be going out with cuzzies to watch Transformer 2...okay..i know i am so lagging and old dated watching a movie that has been in the cinemas for ages...but well better than nothing ^_^..and is nothing to do with the article above ya :)

P/S : I sure miss movie date..hehehe...