Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wow..never realised its almost the end of my 1st semester in uitm..time pass very fast...i am going to sit for my finals too..kinda nervous as its my 1st time sitting for my exam as a university student..preparations have to be done..assignment has to be done and presentation for carried marks..hope get good marks...

Well..i am not sure where i be staying next semester..inside or much problems involve just to secure a place in Perindu, my dorm. not only me having the same problem, almost 20 to 30 percent are in that problem, difficulty to apply..not sure being active in Perindu as a JPB helps.pray to God it works.

Hmm.. hope everything goes well for me right glitch or anything. so pray and God listens

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today..a very busy day..assignment up and down..really making you feel the pressure for the finals. not much to say today so i am posting about my roommates...i know its boring and life in the dorm is around them...this people are the ones that came into my life and make it appriciating them in my roommates..P2509..Perindu 2..Uitm Shah Alam...the nect Perindu top model..hahaha:P

Ok..firstly..Faisal @ Tahir..hehehe..opps...just Faisal....this guy is the one who introduce me to blogging..This guy, a rubix cube guy...not chicken cube or duck cube..RUBIX cube..that colourful cube where you can turn and turn in different arrangement and arrange them back to its original position..this guy really can do matter how well you scramble the cube...he can make it back..perfectly..good timing...this want LAW guy...takut you know...:P

Next Afiq..this want also LAW student...this want also smart...very good in giving his point of view in any topic..this guy can speak mandarin you how ma??? how...hehehe..this guy same gang play age of empire..the whole game..hahaha

On the list Eric..from Sabah..Sabah bah..hahaha this guy can crack a joke anytime..very cool and very sporting...he also play age of empire game.same gang..hehehe..this guy sains seni guy...has many ghost story..really like ghost story..he rasa berani...:P

Ok...the next model Fazlan @ Lan..this want also can crack joke anytime he wants..memang selambe want..hahaha..this want sains taman..future gardener and landscaper..this want green fingers..but not green man...not incredible hulk..:P model..Firdaus...this want engineer..road public service..could replace Samy Vellu..good road engineer,,this want can cook you the dorm..even its illegal..but fun see him cook..hahaha,,,has many types of recipe to cook with his hotplate..

Well got two more..Shah and picture..not sempat put them time. There you have it..Perindu next top model 2008..hahaha

p/s- anyone interested do not hesitate call me or give a comment ya..:P

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter....

Hello everyone..Happy Easter....we had gone through Holy Easter egg but still it is back to study life..hehehe..exam approaching..very near..very takut...but then again not much of a problem....

Well i got this pictures from somewhere..i think is the 1st time i saw it..REALLY that i think you will say that was a trick..BUT mind speak louder then gossips..

 will be wondering y this pic??nothing fancy... look and ladies SHARING a toilet??!!!that mean men and ladies can just enter the toilet without having the fear womens will start shouting and hitting the men if they accidentally enter the toilet and the men..well..a "good" chance to..not everyday you can share the toilet in public beside your private home..THATS DIFFERENT..hehehe...well i think is a good concept BUT...A BIG BUT.......maybe it is against the norm...hahaha..are we ready for it??..or we are still in doubt if it works..but then again for this society to have this concept of sharing the same public a good and out of the norm of the society....BUT precaution...don't think thats an opportunity for some to have evil thinking...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sleepy day....

Hmmm..Friday..the weekends are here..but full of unfinished in class using the pc in the recording room...i did not know that it can be use to access the waiting for friends to come...we have presentation today...1st round speech then the second round...mine the last person for next just relax and enjoy..hahaha......

Oh ya...this is something kinda sensitive for all but i guess it should be make known.. A LOT..i mean A LOT does not know Sarawak eventhough we had achive independance for 5O years???? could this be????....some make their own theories just because they saw pictures of the old Sarawak..(could not blame the gov because those pic are use to promote Sarawak)..well hope with this slide at least some should know how Sarawak looks like...I 'M PROUD TO BE SARAWAKIAN!!!!Haha...don't play-play and mess with me...Oppss...joking:)

IGNORANT fellas asking STOOOPID questions about SARAWAK.

sarawak flag

our symbol, hornbill bird bird

Q: Oh, you are from Sarawak ! *eyes wide with excitement* So far away! How you people come here ah?A: See this?

everyone can fly. wtf

Q: Oh, like that! So back home, you people live in trees ar?A: I live on trees. Not in trees.

Q: You guys have electricity or not?A: SESCO, mind you.

SESCO building in Kuching

My Gosh.... do we have electricity?
Cannot see izit???

Q: Kuching got airport or you use boat go Johor?A: I use BUS

Miri Airport

do we have airport?. Kuching International Airport

Q: How long if I take bus from Singapore to Kuching?A: Serious SHIT! You're one hell of a stupid idiot! F8CK YOU.

Go la. Use your fucking bus to cross South China Sea

Q: Over there got what car?A: View below

which car you want? WTF

Q: Got road or not?A: Shits. WTF.

do we? do we? have road? hahahaha..

Q: Sarawak inside Sabah , right?A: You fail Geography ka?

Q: Eh? Sabah Sarawak not the same meh?A: You really SUCKS in Geography

Q: Kuching how big ar?A: As BIG as your BALLS. What the f*ck. You really need to learn Geography

Q: Kuching got a lot of cats hoh?A: Bullshits. Do you have common sense? LANgkawi, a lot LAN JIAOS lah? Kuala LUMPUR , a lot LUMPUR lahhh!

Q: Sarawak got Malay?A: I wanna KILL you. You learn HISTORY?


Q: Sarawak people can speak English?A: What the f*ck. If not, how am I going to answer YOU, YOU BASTARD?

Q: You people from Sarawak use Ringgit?A: No. We used Barter System. WTF!

we practise that. if you believe it!

I'm proud to be a Sarawakians. I hope I've just cleared the shadow and shallow mind of some IGNORANT fellas.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today..a slow moving holiday means extra job and assignment to be doing the assignment but typing my much things to do until just want to put things aside and enjoy...hehehe..but then again...important is things that we must do...hug hug....

Just for the share of others..a few pic from my assignment..amateur do comment...hehehe..using a Olympus SLR old hard but got few shots....

(This want is my favourite..a swan by a lake during sunset..especially the reflection..maybe not a good shot..but then is the eye of the beholder and the flower below is a not so sharp picture..the lens was not on my side..... )

Well..if there is more pictures..i will post it..not much of an artistic hands b ut trying my best to do the hope things goes well for me here in uni....better come bek to my assignment..hahaha

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


well..since i am new to photography in my try a few shots..amateur shots using an Olympus SLR camera..cant remember the model..but it must be an old cant even zoom for a close up goes blur..the lens really a problem..manage to get a few shots..kinda enjoy doing photography...not sure to pursue in it but with Gods willing i hope could earn something. :)

(From the top: a shot of white flowers.. with the sunshine on the flower (note: my 1st shot with the camera..:P)

Well. photography is all about creating an image..NOT taking pictures..ask my lecturer..that's what he just quote from him..hehehe..i thought that is all about taking pictures alone..hahaha..but then again the technical stuf and all that..really a HEADACHE...those picture shown are from trial and error methods from my assginments..

(This picture a sunset view of the sunset by a lake..this want mg lucky shot too..hehe)

(This want was a night shot of a group of building...this wan using a timer and a slow shutter speed base on my knowledge taught by my lecturer..hehehe)

Note that some pictures do look good:P..hahaha..but then again just an amateur...

(This focus on the leaf on the left of the making that leaf the sharp shot and the rest are blur. Notice that the background is blur. the technique depth of field....)

Mostly the terms and tech stuff i just got and quote from my lecturer...he knows better..just trying to be knowlegable...

(This is call Fast Shutter Speed...You can see the droplets of the water of my favourite shots...)

Then are all free to coment on this pictures.. i am just a beginner so i do make mistakes but i am willing to learn...hehe...and do free to drop tips and all that..

My first time

Well this is my first time doing a blog..really new to me..introduce by my friends so i pick up what the lesson and own for the first time..i just put in a few pic of myself:P my family and frens..hehe..very lame..but just for starters...