Monday, October 26, 2009

2 Kpg wif Laf....

The weekends are pack with drama...i mean sitcom...just ended our shooting for our group production...entitled "TO KAMPUNG WITH LOVE"...typical comedy sitcom...

Mostly the sitcom is about this typical urban married women. Sofia who had issues going back to met her in laws who are from the outskirts of town, differences in background and attitude makes it hard for her to adapt with her in law.. plus her husband, Aswad met her long lost lover of his, Leha back in in his the drama begins with fun filled laughter and entertainment :)

It was fun watching those talents of ours doing their stuff as they are really into their character, each and everyone of them...eventhough it was a last minute search for our production..everything went according to plan and it was beyond our expectation to see the crew and talents giving it all out more than we can imagined.:)

A few pictures from the 2 days shooting and recording in our studio:

The living room set

Outside the house set

View of both set from the gallery

Crew putting up props

Setting up cameras..

Doing the final touch up...

Standby for recoding in 20.....10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. 2. 1..roll VT...


The cast @ talents for our sitcom production :)

Thank you to all crew and talent for this did your very best and the outcome was superb and enjoyed working with all of you...:)

P/S: By the way is the exam week for all so all the best in your final exam :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Smiling Mamak...

This evening just drove up to Damansara to fetch our small talent for my group's drama production which is scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday. The talent was a last minute replacement as most of the talent could not make it due to personal reasons ( the character is a small kid and we were lucky Pija, my classmate has a small brother to be the replacement :) )

So while waiting for her to fetch her brother, i went to this "mamak" stall, a quiet one nearby. Took my dinner as i was hungry. While waiting for my order to come, cant help looking at this "ane" or "mamak" doing his work nearby..

Saw him tossing "roti canai", frying my noodle and doing some chopping and slicing. At certain times he would look at me and a thumbs up to me if my fried noodle was okay. Kept smiling towards him as he does his work as he was smiling and singing happily...

Is not that i never seen those "mamak" before as life in Shah Alam itself is surrounded by "mamak" stall but is all about people in different walk of life. How different people goes through different ups and downs in life. You may be rich and be surrounded by all the fame but in reality is all sad and lonely within. Where as you may be average and just leading a simple life but deep inside you are happy and life to you is something you look forward everyday with surprises.

As i left the stall, i look back and smile at him...and saw him smiling at him waving me back...that smile of sincerity that makes your day...from a simple man like him...:)

A few stolen shots...he was busily doing his work and was smiling and talking with me occasionally :)

Shared a table with a man having "tosai"...

P/S: Hope the production team would be a success with tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy as a bumble bee...

Is almost the end of my semester...finals are approaching by next week...timetables are out for study..

29/10, 5/11 and 9/11...scary dates and killer papers..

Assignments are not done yet...both are so call broadcasting papers..4 credit hours...and a test on my elective paper @ editorial page...

My notes are not being compile yet..and i am pushing myself to finish up everything...looking for a talent for my group drama...looking and looking....

Waiting for holidays?...i dont know....

p/s: Suddenly in the mood of oldies...

Friday, October 16, 2009

The way i am...

If you were falling, then i would catch you,
You need a light, i'd found a match,
Cause i love the way you say good morning,
And you take me the way i am.

If you are chilly, here take my sweater,
You're head is aching. i'll make it better,
Cause i love the way you call me baby
And you take me the way i am.

I'd buy you Rogaine, when you start losing all your hair,
Sew on patches to all you tear,
Cause i love you more than i could ever promise
And you take me the way i am
you take me the way i am
you take me the way i am....

The way i am
~Ingrid Michaelson~

How i wish it could happened in real life for me..those lyrics above..:)..but i guess i have to wait for THAT time to come...a long way to go :P

I am happy that i make it through life...even when it seems dark and lonely..i pull myself together to push forward..thats life...never to look back but front...

At times when the past comes to haunt you back..sadness comes to overcome your emotion, that is hard to overcome..been there gone through that..

I got the strength to push forward..never knew where it came from...
Experience teaches me a lot nowadays..
It helps...
i like it the way experience teaches me :)
an instant impact...

P/S: Searching and searching...:) never ending..

Monday, October 12, 2009

RAYA open house...

Last Saturday night, went for a Raya open house invitation with my house mates.. the whole 6 of was an invitation from Umi...a restaurant owner around my area...maybe to some would knew Umi or "Restoran Umi" in section 7 in Shah of the famous eating places especially lunch hour for students in UiTM. Most of the time my house mate would be eating there and me myself occasionally :)

So the whole 6 of us went and what a feast we had..hungry and excited...:)
(Picture not in a good quality due to flash...dont really love the flash )

Raya cookies...we tasted ALL of it..:P

A feast...

There is even noodle soup...

Malaysian all time favourite, SATAY :)

"Nasi Impit" and "Kuah Kacang"..I LIKE :D

Hungry house mates :P

Me and them :)

If not mistaken this was the 4th or 5th round for them :P

Sitting down hanging around..

Adib@He took this cookie container 3 times...:P

Mumu and Faisal@ Cute scene? (thats what they claimed :P)

Thats Umi :)

That the husband :)

Cheers and thanks to my house mates :)
Left to right: Afiq, Mumu, Azrul,Adib and Faisal :)

P/S: Next year come again..hehehe

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Me and Dean

Yesterday went for this Dean's list award ceremony at my faculty@ masscomm...okay..not saying anything here or bragging is just a simple ceremony for students achieving G.P.A of 3.5 and above for last semester's examination.

Not saying i am a smart ass student, all work and no play makes Adrian a dull guy just a blessing for me to achieved it. To me getting a modest 3 pointer above would be sufficient for me..Dean's List? a bonus for me...not bragging or anything here..:)..just sharing thoughts..

Anyway..of course would dedicate this to God (AMEN!!!)...ORA ET school motto...prayer and work is complete without the blessings from God.:) second is my parents :)....they had done so much for me for the past 4 semester i had been in terms of supporting me financially :P...this is a small reward for them..and basically my lecturer and friends..without them i would not achieved what i had right now...friends who has been there doing group assignments, projects, etc...thank you so much to all of you :)..and lecturers for giving the grades :P

( Giving a thank you speech at a Grammy awards..:P)

The theme of the ceremony was yellow and attention goes to the banana tree...yellow and green or the color of a state flag in Malaysia @ Kedah :P. It was held in front of our faculty. A simple ceremony.

A few pictures from the ceremony yesterday :

We were lazy to move around..the place was small and stuffy and my friends and i were seated among the crowd..:)

Our certs..:)

We were boring so we took photos...

That's me in the yellow batik..i look kinda weird in that batik tho...:P

Back to front: Farah, Didi, Ainul, Hana and Yaya

Left to right: Me (:P), Wan, Nina, Meran, Aiman

Group photo with Puan Norhayati, our production lecturer..Me and Wan has to be on our toes for this shot..the stage was small and we cramped onto it..hehehe

P/S: Pray that God will guide us always in our studies and our daily life:)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Patio @ 7

Just came back from my group discussion on my drama production entitled "From Kampung with Love". A romantic comedy base drama, seems easy but hard to produced.

We were doing our discussion at this new place near my area. Patio @ 7 the name of this place. Nice and a fresh new look. Is my first time eating at this place since it was opened if not mistaken a month ago. Typical "makan-makan" area. It was a fun and laughter brain storming session, thinking of the plot, characters, the base of the story..etc etc...we are going to shoot this drama in 2 or 3 weeks time...:P God help...:)

I like this background of the shop...the settings especially :)

Front view of the shop

Brain-brain @ NOT a decoration but is for sale...(i thought it was free i wanted to take the whole basket :P)

Restaurant @ Cafe @ Patio 7

Ordered "Nasi Goreng biase" with "Telur mate" and "Teh Ais" (prounce in the KL slang :P)

My group mates @ TreeHouse production...sorry for the candid shots my more natural this way :)

Aiman with the glasses & Pija

Hana @ Banana

Wan & Meran

Thats me ( i look SO.........)

"Perbincangan" in progress

Is not the end but the beginning...wait till the production day comes....:P

P/S: I am glad things are settled and i am happy things dont go bad as i thought it would..:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bintang by the SIDE walk...

If some of you knew Bintang Walk in KL, guess what..Shah Alam has its own Bintang Walk located in Section is call BINTANG by the SIDEWALK( thats what i name it)...situated in front of my renting at the third floor so every night is a busy night at the walk regardless of day and time...

This commercial area where i am renting now is basically shop houses with eatery places, supermarket, laundry..etc....typical developing readers could guess how hectic it is during the night time..people double parking...eating at nearby shops..dropping down passengers...passing by..busy busy street....

Basically from this end...4 eatery places..1 mamak shop and 3 malay shop...add up with laundry shop...soundry shop...print shop...reload shop....

This view taken from my window...:)...there is even a hard ware shop...

At this end of the street..there is 2 mamak shop one on the left and one at the end of this can see in the picture how people double park up and down...contribute to the jam along this street....that big building on the left is a supermarket..BINTANG supermarket...

P/S: Busy busy nights ahead...