Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

To all Happy New Year 2011...:)

New Year Resolutions?


Go with the flow......

p/s: Enjoy whats left of 2010 :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Season Greetings

To all readers, Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year year new resolution new ambitions.......

P/S: Let it snow let it snow let it snow....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm not afraid

I'm not afraid go through this new adventure of a huge step in life and i know it is the right decision. I may be new and fresh compared to the rest but i have made up my mind and i am going to perform in what i am doing now for the future.  I am Adrian :)

P/S: Done with registration....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back home

In few hours time ( 1 hour 20 minutes to be exact) from this posting, i will be flying back to my second hometown i had called home for the past 3 years of my life. Ever since the offer from UiTM, Kuala Lumpur has been been a hometown to heart...Kuching is a gate away destination for me now, a place to run away from the busy and hectic life of K.L. ..nothing beats the place like Kuching :)

Im not sure when i will be going back to Kuching for good...settle down and have a life in my hometown. For now is the big world, ready to be explored and for me looking for experiences and earning a living in an unknown place.

I am happy with my life for now....should be thankful and grateful....God has been kind enough to be with me through all my campus life in K.L...until today...Amen.

P/S: Christmas is near i be home for Christmas :)

Friday, December 10, 2010


Today, the final semester result is out and i did OKAY :) a good move by the university to post all the students result through e-mails. No more hassle and problems logging in to the student portal, refreshing and refreshing for hours just go get your result.

This was long time ago...after 10 hours of waiting and refreshing..i got this :)

And so next step is graduation and getting a pursuing a higher level of academic

P/S: Thank you Lord :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Going to Pakoh - Part 1

During the weekends i went back to my mum's longhouse in Pakoh, Sri Aman. A four hours plus drive through the Trans Borneo highway, so we took the opportunity to stop over in Sri Aman, a two hours drive from Kuching.

On the way to Sri Aman, we stopped in Lachau, a pitstop before heading towards Betong. Saw a few people crowding this small stall selling wild boar meat. It is one of those exotic yet illegal meat to be eaten and found in those areas.

This women was busy with her a luxurious business selling exotic meat around this part of town...

I was in Sri Aman for a while.. 

The Batang Lupar river @ famous for the Bujang Senang folklore and legend of the white crocodile

You can even try your hands and skills during the tidal bore where huge waves hits the river like an ocean like motion....during a certain time of the year...imagine surfing a river fully infested by crocs...

There was this shop selling some decorations and clothings of the Ibans..

They were trying out the instruments displayed...for business promotions...

I was attracted by this traditional baby carrier...

P/S: Part 2 coming right up :)

Friday, December 3, 2010


Last night i was out with my brother and my aunt to this funfair nearby my house. as you all know funfair are all about games and prizes and you know 90% of the games are meant for you to spend a lot and not getting anything in return ( thats the rule of business for fun fairs)...prizes are attractive but winning it is sure tough luck.

Most of the time i will be looking at this particular game where the crowd and reception is sure to attract a lot of customers. I called this game "Bet a color with canned drinks". Is something like Vegas where you place your bets on a certain numbers and let the  roulette spins and land on any numbers. In this case canned drinks are used as chips and colored balls are used to pick the colors.

Firstly is to get your "chips" @ canned drinks to play..RM 1 per tin...

This is how the winning colors are selected. The first ball to reach the bottom is the winner

But before that, pick a color and place your bets...if one tin is placed, you win you get two tins in return (correct me if i am wrong about the game play) you lose the dealer takes it all.

I guess is a popular game among adults young and old.....see how many tins are being placed for bets...

p/s: I prefer throwing or some shooting games..easier...