Monday, June 29, 2009

AD-venture trip

Ok..for two weeks i was quiet..away for i went for a holiday...somewhere in my own state...hehehehe.....Miri and Bintulu..hahaha....a good gateaway after a long boring i went around been like 8 years my last trip to it was totally a new experience and so many places to like im a tourist in a foreign place..

So got a few shots on my holiday trip...hehehe:)

This was at Canada hill...taken during evening after my jog and my jungle trekking up and down Canada hill in Miri..hehehe..i always wanted to come here since i knew this place through History and Geography text book..Miri, a place full of petroleum and gas..

St Joseph Miri....nice church...hehehe...

One thing for sure i love going to the beach..hehehe...just love the waves and breeze....this is somewhere near Lutong..

This one was in was gloomy and shots was not good...but is still a beach..hahaha

This is my favourite beach..Pantai Bungai...Bungai means flower in Iban :)...somewhere in Bekenu...Bintulu?..hehehe

This is one of my best adventure of all...i drove all the way to the border of Brunei and Miri with my friend..we thought it was just an ordinary border such as Tebedu and Serikin..but what a shocking experience we had..we had to pay toll..hahaha and guess what? A ten ringgit tolll...THAT IS ONLY ONE WAY??!! NEVER IN MY LIFE I PAID FOR A TOLL THAT EXPENSIVE...even when i was in KL i dont pay that much...guess it was an eye opener..hahaha

First trip i paid the toll, it was my last cash in hand...i asked my friend if he haD any cash....good news...hes our next course of dig every coins and cash we could find in my friends car..hahaha..lucky we found enough cash to return back to Miri..hahahaha..all together twenty ringgit toll through and fro..hahaha


Proof of purchase i was at the border.between Miri and Brunei @ Sg Tujuh

We wish we had our bikes with us...or Sarawak government vehicles..:P

Thats ten ringgit @ from every inch and compartment we could dig and search in the car..

The bridge @ ASEAN bridge BEFORE we reached the toll..

This is an advertisement...:P

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a holiday..

Okay,,,just got back from my was a refreshing cool and happy experience..after what happened..will be posting up stuff on my blog shortly..not now i guess as i am just taking my sweet time relaxing and enjoying my holidays before i am back to uni..hehehe

A few shots from holiday..a.k.a preview..hahahaha

A few more pics are on the way..hehehe

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sleeping with sounds @ Snoring

Is been a long time since i last blog...i am on a holiday now so internet and all online activity is aside just to enjoy my holiday right now..hehehe..having fun seeing new places and enjoyingh bits of my holiday before semester break ends..

I was sitting at a shop having breakfast that day when i heard this funny yet a moral value came from a middle age man telling his friends about his snoring and how his wife hates it..hahaha

" Every night i knew i had sleeping problems...i sound really horrible when i snore and my wife hates it so much..cause it was disturbing her beauty sleep..i had searched high and low to cure my problems...operation, sleeping postures, name it i went through it but results are nil...who wants to be in this position? Is it a gift i want?..i wish i just be normal and i do not want snore so badly in my sleep until it affect my life with my love one...i know how bad my snore could bring down the whole house.. and could break the sound barrier...

Suddenly an old man who was listening to his problem told him this:

"You should be thankful that you snore that loud..yes it is irritating and it does affect everything around you..your love true that snoring kills everything..

But does the people around you ever thought of the idea that snoring is way to to tell them that you are alive and you could see tomorrow? Do they know they should be grateful that you snore? Imagine you did not snore in your sleep....would it be risky? you never know if the person next to you is alive or ........the sound of snoring is a way telling the person next to you that dont worry about me...i will always be there for you tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow....

Now she hates your true...imagine next time when you you are not by her side anymore...the simple things that she will miss will be your snoring when you sleep..she knows that you are not by her side anymore that time because those snoring that keeps her awake are the same sound that accompany her through her life and telling her that you are always by her side..even if the snore kills....."

Snoring kills...yes is true to those who had partners or friends who are like that....they did not ask to be given that gift...but look at the other just a way how God works wonders in His creation..:)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Away for a while...

Sorry there is no posting for this week..

Will be offline for a while...BUT i will be back soon with more exciting adventure with me AD..

Adios Amigos...


Auf wiedershen ( hope i type it correctly)..:P

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How i wish..

Hahaha...i was in front of my laptop doing nothing when it came to my mind...hahaha..just got bored thats why..

How i wish i had a girlfriend like:

It would be a X-FACTOR in my life...

But i guess before i go on dreaming and dreaming.... i have to see myself in the mirror.....

I know myself well..hahahaha

P/s: This is a boring post i had nothing to do so i posted this up for fun..hehehe:P

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jog jog..

Last Saturday morning, sent my brother to school decided to go for a jog..hahaha..somewhere near my brothers been long i had been sewating and being giving myself a break and trying to stay fit and healthy was around 7am..hahaha

So i did a a 4 lap aorund the park...IT WAS TIRING..hahaha...body ache after the run but felt happy and satisfied inside of was fun as MANY people young and old were around..the park was alive with activities...

Planning to do this everyday..hope can..hahaha

Taman Budaya@ Reservoir Park

Taman Budaya

The park was alive with many people since 6.30am i guess

This was before 7am

Young and old..we jog together...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gawai in Spring...

Last night me and my youngest brother went to The Spring to fetched my brother from  work.
We saw there was an event going on at the other side so we went over

It was about the Gawai celebration, a feast celebrated byy the Dayak people in Sarawak or Pesta Kaamatan in Sabah (hope i spelt it correctly) was a large crowd when suddenly

The MC was  looking for a volunteer to blow the blow pipe...

I was blur when he called me up the was MY FIRST time doing such thing..

Held my breath, slowly aiming at a ballon on the 2nd floor and....

WHOOSH..the dart hit the target and then the whole crowd was amazed and cheering for me..
hahahahahha..sort of a celebrity...they interviewed me asking do i have the experinced before handling the blow pipe and i said NO..IT WAS MY FIRST..hahahahaha

Nest thing i youngest brother was dancing up the stage with the dancer and enjoying every moment he had yesterday night..hahaha..

It was fun lastnight:)

I am going again tonight..:P

Bidayuh dancer

An orang Ulu dancer

Thats not a dancer for sure:P

That was me before i tried my hands on the blow pipe..MY FIRST TIME..hahaha..and nail it in a single blow..hahaha one shot one kill

the bamboo game....

The closing ceremony...

FYI thats my brother in between the MC and the dancer...he was pull from the crowd to dance in front of a large audience..mejeng bah..hahaha
i was laughing like hell..hahahaha:P
My brother..

Friday, June 5, 2009


After Gawai..

Everything is back to normal i guess......people starting going back to work and most of the students are still in the holiday mood

ME?  for a month plus things are always THE SAME for me...everyday seems so slow to me...goin through everyday makes me so bored till i could not think straight and i am always on the run and thinking what to do what to do....

I wish holidays are over...cant wait for the next semester to be here...hehehehehe

For the time being, just enjoy my holidays for now:)....appriciate it:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What crossline could do...

Ever had experinces when you receive an unknown number and when you call back they claimed and sweared that they did not call or miss call or something like that? could be frustrating and funny at the same time...and it happened to me...

I was online this very morning and a unknown number called me...014 6******..i picked it up and tsaid it was a wrong number..

Next thing i know..the mysterious number sms me and started getting emotional over the number claiming that i called her a few times??? i dont even know or have her number???

Part of the sms the mysterious number

Eiy..fel wanna eat u! i sure dat is ur numb in my miscall list..ok2..

Elow guy..u made me confuse la..feel wana cry oredy to think about dis thng?.wats ur age,name, gender?...

i ever heard ur name before...but not very sure....oh my god!!!

I just dont know how to answer that caller...
For sure i met a new friend..

Monday, June 1, 2009

A day to remember...

Firstly..Selamat Hari Gawai to all my friends celebrating this festival:D

Is been long since i blog as i was busy with my usual..:)

Yesterday i went up to Desmond Aaron's village up in best buddy my first time there...a few reasons i was up there..send some gifts to Desmond's relatives and just wana hang out and feel a different environment:)

So we had a road trip up..a fun hot weather for a car ride to the village...

A few shots taken during the trip...

Thats the signboard..on the left top corner...SERIAN 43 KM...

Along the journey ahead...

Gabriel and his blank shot...

Thats me:P

Desmond...any resemblance?:P

Desmond's village has a river...wish could swim...:P

At another part of the river...

Part of the village...

Along the streets....

*I was here....eventho it may be my last:)*

Tuak....rice wine.....


Thats me and Desmond

Gab and his new fake marijuana leaf...

Thats all..:D

Had a great time that day...thanks to my friends...Desmond and Gabriel...