Thursday, December 8, 2011


Last posting was 16 October been almost 2 months since i last blog....

Basically and currently working with the centre where im am currently doing my masters right now. Since i need cash and there is a scheme for me to to work "part time" with the centre while doing my masters. It is on a per semester service and once im done with this semester i need to reapply back for the new semester. The work requires me to work 6 hours per week, 24 hours per month with minimal allowance that i could survived with besides my loan.

What am i supposed to do is be part of the editorial team, editing and transcript  most of the thesis done by the student into journals where it would be published for academic purposes. A lot of hard work and patience especially dealing with students who are not so keen on contributing towards the journal compilation process. It is more of an open invitation and for almost two months the response is slow and poor..hopefully for the month of December it would be better...

 The view of my room at the centre...

 My own punch card where i need to punch for each time i came to the centre for work..basically we are paid by hours so in order to get a full allowance we need at least 24 hours on the card...

Since i started working..learning to save a bit..and the notice is just a reminder of what happened last semester when my whole savings was stolen from my rented house in Shah Alam...i know it would not deter those who wish to take but at least remind them that there is always SOMEONE watching from above...

P/S: Waiting for the day when my allowance would be bank in...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Busy semester for me...holidays, work, assignments, dates, name it i been there done that....

Exams and Christmas is coming soon...that would be awesome...

P/S: Change of Attention

Saturday, October 29, 2011


A week more and my coming destination

P/S: First time ever and it completes my journey in all states in Malaysia

Monday, October 10, 2011

Westlife last Friday

The new 5th member of Westlife...
Last Friday, WESTLIFE LIVE in was awesome :) growing up and listening to them during my primary and secondary school years has been part of me. You can say that for a guy to support a boy band group is gay...but to me is the songs that i heard and that is where I learned my English vocabulary  and pronunciation. Trust me it works :)

Me and my tickets...

The line was long and it was a bit drizzling. I bet that those who came to the concert grew up at the same year or generation as I was..the year of the 90's. There was even parents and older adults coming to the concert..meaning WESTLIFE is still relevant and has its own attraction of all ages :)

That was before and during the concert of the stage where they were performing. It was total awesome and they look and sound EXACTLY the same even after 10 years since the first time I heard them in my primary school years.  Even better than those CDs i had at home :)

P/S: Thank you Westlife :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Is been a long time since i last blog...A LOT of ups and down...BIG decisions BIG plans..hoping for the best to come in already my second semester doing my master in UiTM..planning ahead for the coming least im not that bored as i would be doing part time with the faculty...earning a bit of cash and supporting myself right in Shah Alam.

I know this would be a bit of a boring entry but of course i would dedicate this post to my close geng lepak malam2 buta while we were doing our degree back in the old days of 2007-2010.  To be honest my classmates are 98% girls and so i have girl friends to hang out with. Got this picture last night and how i miss them and hanging out with them like the good old days..


Tomorrow would be going out with them after the long breaks and working and of course we do need a time out and getting all our gossips and stories to be shared :) this picture is beautiful :)

P/S: Friends :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heart heart feeling

Follow my heart says the Lord..that feeling is in  me since the day that you were here with me....dont worry, your heart is where I would be and you know what is best for yourself

God guide me...Amen

P/S: Step up be a real man

Saturday, September 3, 2011


One of the places the places i always have a place in my heart would be the kitchen. One of the kitchens that i always look forward serving and plying my trade would be the St Lucas Center in 10th Mile, Kota Pedawan. I would be doing the planning and task force especially whose doing what in the kitchen to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The kitchen is big to move and plenty of space to work with thus making cooking easier in the kitchen. As you can see with the two pictures above, the space and equipment works well for me. Yes, you may say its not fine dining kitchen and all that, but for a normal camp cooking style, it works well for me.

One of my signature dish especially those helping me in the kitchen...chicken skill and butt...with curry and frying powder...deep fried...

And one of the must have dishes around for camp, normal and simple...chicken curry

That is why i love serving and contributing my skills in the one else who love to do it tho...

P/S: Those were the days that i was 150% active with youth activities and the church

Monday, August 22, 2011

Food in my phone

Being cleaning my phone memory card and found a few pictures i took not so long time ago....maybe recently...

 This was taken in PJ when i had dinner with a family on holiday from Kuching.....King Crab Mee Cantonese style with red wine...

 The famous Bishop Gate kolo mee where it is one of the best place to have the all time favorite kolo mee when you are in Kuching...what makes it special is that the mee comes with a topping of all kinds of assorted parts of the pork....and to have a need patience and the will to wait as you wait for your turn to be served as tables are limited...

 Teh Tarik Dangdut section not sure why is it dangdut...

 All time favorite Sunny Hill ice-cream...hands down even to McD.....

New found love..wantan mix sup.....and this is the best as it serves a HUGE portion of wantan...normally you can count your wantan in the bowl (10 pieces ) THE MOST......this shop....more than 10 pieces of wantan and it was heaven....10th mile i love you...:)

P/S:  Spring cleaning my memory card..

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Fasting month

To all my Muslim friends, Happy Fasting and Salam Ramadhan to all of you :)

Fasting was fun for 3 years especially when i was in Shah Alam during my degree years...classmates, housemates and was an experience of a lifetime :)

P/S: Looking forward for Bazaar Ramadhan  especially in Kuching :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Up my dates

Holiday? What a long holiday before September...i have nothing to worry for holiday are going by as fast as it could...

For now, sending and fetching my cousin, fetching mum dad from home and doing part time job from home...a bit of reading, playing computer games and even watching a bit of sports playing badminton every evening....

Luckily would be off for a camp next week, something i miss doing it for a long time especially my line is in the kitchen itself...planning what should i be cooking and buying for the camp...

 That's all for now readers :)

P/S:  I was thinking of going for another trip to Miri..hahaha

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Is been a while since i last posted my last would be something random and i had been through it for the last 24 years..

Currently in Miri for holidays...why Miri? is a long story...and i love it here....i found peace and love in Miri.

To be honest, i dont really like to celebrate my own birthday...and yet i dont mind celebrating people's birthday and be part of the party. To me personally, my birthday is just another ordinary day in my life. I do not mind having no birthday cake or presents, call me weird but im fine with it.Would not want to trouble people around me, making fuss and all that for me and my birthday. There is one time i told my mum that there is no need to have a birthday cake as im not a kid anymore, besides i have something else in life that marks my important day special.  What is important is that God has given me abundant blessings in my everyday life making it possible for me to be at this age. Nor forgetting what God had done for me especially in my studies, family and friends. That is the best gift of all.

Just putting on random thoughts. Have a blessed day everyone

P/S: Is just another ordinary day in life and im cool with it :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The quiet hero

My dad is a man that does not speak much and hes quiet in doing things as a daddy and a husband. He is the type that you could see in a typical everyday man in life. He is the hardworking type and earns for the family and speaks only when is needed and when he all about respect and wondering how a quiet man like him speaks out the very best for others to listen and be fascinated by him...hes like this storyteller that has thousands of unknown stories even to be known by mum who is his soul mate @ his partner in crime of their everyday life.....

Regardless of how and who my dad is, hes always be the best dad for me...he may not be some big shot in life, he may not be some rich dude driving around big cars and lives in a big house...he is a man of principal and honor and takes his responsibilities as a dad to the fullest and pride..nothing more i can ask from my dad...hes just wonderful and great for me in my everyday life especially in my studies right now

To my dad, Happy Father's day...

Taken during my convocation, my dad does not smile in most of his picture..but on my graduation, he gave his BEST smile for the camera....thanks dad :)

P/S: And you know i can't smile without you

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I made it finally... been a while since i last updated my blog...i was just having a lot of fun and of course i was practically busy with my convocation and Gawai is around the corner..back to my hometown and of course...a long 4 months holiday...meaning trying to get a decent part time job just to fill in my free time...

Finally i graduated officially for my degree in UiTM after 3 long years on the 18th of May 2011 on a Wednesday afternoon, the 8th session of the 74th UiTM Convocation. I was first up for my course ( relatively speaking my name in alphabetical order, A should be first) was one of the best moment when finally it was your turn after waiting for 792 graduates in front of me receiving their scrolls and then 793 ( my number ) was like a dream once they had called out my name " ADRIAN CLARKE AK LIHIEN " and there i was receiving my scroll from the Pro-Chancellor.

A few pictures taken before, during and after my convocation...

We had the pre-convo photo session in our very own faculty studio....we had the time of our life with our robes as if we were from Hogwarts and we are part of Harry Potter and friends...(our robes were huge)

This was taken outside the convocation hall staircase before our big day...

This was taken on OUR BIG day..lining up before entering the convocation photo...

Left to Right: Wan, Me, Farah, Ainul, Aiman, Hani, Ika, Yaya, Hana and DD


My turn!!! Watch the lips...Once in a life time being captured live..:)


Group photo with our Pro-Chancellor, our VC and our respective faculty dean with the ANC receivers...

For my mum and dad :) that is all i can give back for now....

Family photo...

I took time going around taking pictures with other friends from other was our day to celebrate...

Top picture was with Sole and DD..this one was with Fatin :)

I know is already weeks or ages since our convocation but then again congrats to all and all the best in future undertakings...

P/S: One down..another convocation hopefully in the next future...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pre Grade will be a meaningful one for me on the 18th of May 2011 as i would be graduating for the very first time in life after three years doing my degree... Happy and excited as my family are right here in Shah Alam and i get to bring them around to most of the places...

Just a sneak peak before my big day...pre-grade pictures of me and my family :)

Spot anything similar in the picture?

P/S: Is going to be a good exciting day tomorrow :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

One more week bah...

I am done with my exam the final paper and now i am free...i am always free btw..does not make any difference at all but at least there is no worries of studying and doing my notes for a going to be a four months semester break for me :P

Another week to go before i will be graduating..that is next Wednesday on the 18th of May....kinda excited for it as the big day approaches as i had bought something decent for my convo. and my family would be here next been a while they had not been to KL and this would be a fun and exciting event...

Anyways Happy Mother Days to my mum @ Doritha Thomas Ng...i know she will be reading my blog.. i have nothing to give you for now but just a piece of scroll later on the 18th :)

This family picture was taken last year and i really like the been a while we had a good family photo...

From behind L-R : Youngest brother, Aaron, 1st brother Alvin and that's me ( we look totally different )
Front: Mom and Dad...

P/S: Happy Mother's Day :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First time

Came back for the 10th Sarawak General first time voting in a democratic first time in 3 years i was back for the study week before my exam, first time in 3 years i will be celebrating the Holy Week at home since i was in KL the whole time for Holy Week....this should be fun :)

Updates? not much....just love being in the comfort of my own house with familiar surroundings and places i had missed going to..going out for good dates with her especially ice cream dates ( thats her favorite ) and of course been reading my notes for exam and last minute final touches on my assignment before sending it over before the finals.

A few more weeks to go before I end my first semester, next month would be my convocation :) cant wait for it..totally excited and looking forward to it..

Missing friends in Kuching and in KL..:) you know you you are...disco skating date, reunion and pre-convo gathering with classmates and "makan besar" with good friends :)

P/S: Blessed Holy Week to all those celebrating :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

So what? :)

To be honest, for the past few weeks, life has been awesome especially with work, presentation and my social life. Life has been good to me and i could not wait to end my first semester as a Masters student..graduation for my Degree is just around the corner....waiting for it impatiently..:)

Lately, meeting up new people or friends in life is awesome. New friends in life means adding new colors and adventure and stories of a lifetime that definitely you would tell to your grandchildren in years to come. People start to speculate and gossip about you if you are too closed with someone out of the blues. Whats wrong in making new friends with others outside your social group? Especially if it was from the opposite gender? Can two opposite gender be good best friends and not more than that. i believe so.

(Google image)

I have nothing to hide especially in making new friends. Two important things i always put in mind when i make new friends HONESTY and SINCERITY and you will not cross the line for you know your limits..:) if i were to like her, i should had gone for her long time ago why now? why wait when theres opportunity in front of you? for i know i can see them as a good friend to laugh and share stories around.

So what is the problem here? there is no problem at all...people need to have a better view and clearer mind and head to see the whole situation in a bigger not speculate for it leads to nowhere..

P/S: When you come from different walks of life it should be an interesting friendship...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

War Afternoon

Was reading some articles and searching for information on war when I decided to goggle up for the types of war in the past history...

Question ~ What are some of the examples of war..?

Answer ~ Scroll down to the picture to find out the list of war....

To my understanding of war....isn't it supposed to be THIS?

(Taken from Google)

P/S:The power of Google.....break from my reading routine :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Classmate's Big Day

Last Saturday i went for my classmate's akad nikah in Shah Alam. One thing for sure it was a fun, exciting and interesting aspect of marriage as it was my very own classmate who was getting married. Shes the youngest in our class among 14 of us and shes the first to get married to another friend of ours....

The ceremony was simple yet sweet and meaningful.... both of them are a sweet couple :)

(Pictures maybe not that clear and in good quality..oh well just a compact camera with no wide angle lense and all the gizmos...)

The outside of the mosque...the one in white and pink kain samping is the bridgegroom @ Juon

I think is my first time stepping into a mosque...its me all holy place of worship are unique and beautiful

The time has front of everybody 

A few reflections and wisdom from the Tok Kadi ( correct me if i am wrong about this)

Thats Hana and her dad....

Signing of marriage papers


Juon putting on this bracelet for Hana...

Exchanging of gifts...

You may kiss the bride..take your time but not too long :P

Mr and Mrs Juwaidi :)
Sweet couple....

Managed to get a group photo with the newly wed bride and bridegroom

Classmates who made it for the ceremony :)

Farah, Ainul, Mahiran, Hani and Me.....

This was at home and the pelamin looks awesome..simple yet eye catching...

Meeting up old friends @ Fatin who was our practical mate way back in the old company * memories that we would like to put away for good..we do laugh about it the times we had back in THAT company *

Now she said that me and Mahiran does look like siblings....i do not see which part that resembles the similarity of me and Mahiran as siblings...the glasses?

Anyways congrats to Juon and Hana...may God bless you and guide you in your newly married life...hope to see you having kids in the coming years to come...and they will be calling us your friends aunties and uncles...:)

P/S: 1 down 15 to go left of our classmates..who will be next?